Buy Sentence Examples | Use Buy in a sentence

1.he did not have enough money to have the tire patched up, let alone Buy a new one.

2.if buffett thought there was even a meaningful chance of that happening he would not Buy back any stock.

3.they tend to Buy cheap processed foods like canned chicken and macaroni.

4.Buy some sequins and sew them around the neckline of a sleeveless top or sew an imaginative design on the front.

5.somehow, he'd managed to persuade kay to Buy one for him

6.if you're willing to sell, we'll Buy. not go see a doctor will be able to Buy things, the children can receive education at home through the computer. can Buy it ready-made at chinese groceries

9.if the pound's value is high, british investors will spend their money abroad because the pound will Buy them more.

10.first meeting, chambers that straight to the point and asked: "how much money do i need to Buy your company? " was a risky operation, but might Buy more time

12.i'd like to Buy him lunch. today don't Buy singles can ask a dealer for a discount whether you pay cash or Buy on credit.

15.i helped him for a little over a month in return for money i used to pay bills and Buy groceries.

16.s g offers great Buys on computer software. s g

17.why don't we make more of an effort to Buy earlier, or to wait for a few months until the market cools again?

18.if you decide not to Buy, the money you have spent on the survey is not recoverable.

19.if you can't run to champagne, Buy sparkling wine.

20.i will Buy her some new clothes tomorrow.

21.that year , we seemed to be so rich that we'd rather become the babysitter of our lovers than Buy a cheapest pearl necklace for my mum. can Buy insurance over the phone

23.this year we won't even be able to Buy presents for our grandchildren. it's heartbreaking.

24.would you Buy a used car from this man?

25.this was still a good Buy even at the higher price

26.i'm not Buying any of that nonsense.

27.the next time you get a hot tip, drop it into your trading system to see whether it gives you a Buy or sell signal.

28.we are surrounded by relentless commercial culture which is always screaming at you, trying to get you to Buy something at every minute. can Buy all these tools at a do-it-yourself store.

30.he could not afford to Buy a house

31.i don't know whether people will Buy it or not

32.but what the dollar will Buy, how much it will Buy, does vary. me which one you like and i'll Buy it for you.

34.i intend to take full advantage of this trip to Buy the things we need.

35.he did Buy me those daffodils a week or so ago