Buster Sentence Examples | Use Buster in a sentence

1.the whole movie was about lions and Buster crabbe, who was raised by a lion pride.

2.oldest employee: fire me, Buster, and i'll hit you with an age discrimination suit so fast it'll make your head spin.

3.toys such as kongs and Buster cubes that can be filled with treats can get your dog's brain, as well as his body, working.

4.and i am a rut Buster, i'm going to bust your rut.

5.china's self-appointed science fraud Buster was assaulted yesterday afternoon in beijing.

6.i think Buster and shark are declaring an emergency.

7.looking like a miniature rooftop christmas-tree antenna, this indoor model is supposed to be a ghost Buster.

8.i'm Buster venable, amanda's nephew.

9.the massive ordnance penetrator, an american bunker-Buster scheduled for deployment at the end of the year, weighs 15 times as much.

10.get out of my way, Buster, or i'll start playing rough.

11.after his early breakfast, mr emmons holds Buster, carries brooms and mops and walks from house to house.

12."for me, getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising reduce my stress levels. and a really good workout is a great stress Buster. "

13.chloe opens her book and pats her lap for Buster to jump up.

14.they claim his budget repair bill is really a union Buster.

15.for sure some exams can be a mind Buster for you.

16.then the farmer hollered, "pull, Buster, pull." buddy did not respond.

17.in this ad ms armstrong said: now that i've found out what's myth and what isn't, it's good to know that our family can continue to enjoy one of our favourite drinks... my boys now call me mum, the myth Buster!

18.no more, no less. a perfect stress Buster for the moment and for all the moments of my life.

19.yo, mike tyson was round when he fought Buster douglas.

20.i never thought that chaplin was half as funny as Buster keaton.

21.info: enables anti tank grenades on your panzer grenadier, assault grenadier, and tank Buster squads.

22.Buster retired on disability.

23.and when id complain, shed just look at me and say, this is no picnic for me either, Buster.

24.thor Buster iron man comes with the right arm and spider-woman comes with the most important piece& modok's head.

25.one of my earliest memories in world war ii belgrade, where i grew up, was going to see a Buster keaton film.

26.she has also performed in the sun(2005) directed by alexander sokurov and rob marshall's block Buster memoirs of a geisha.

27.bears can go 100 straight days without being disturbed. i got to get a dust Buster.

28.don't try to put a con on me, Buster! i've been around too long!

29.e. t. built his own communicator out of the fuzz Buster, some hobby pins, a knife and fork, and the uhf tuner from the tv set. . . e. t.

30.facts prove that it has never been anything beautiful fresh flowers or mozzie Buster, he is just an ordinary names were not even weeds.

31.he has a trained dog named Buster that lead him where he wants to go.

32.i'm just not big enough to forgive you, Buster.

33."my boys now call me mum, the myth Buster!" she said.

34.father called him Buster billy.

35.from now on, you big Buster's wife.

36.kirilenko won't get old with the jazz. . . be prepared to have him in a big trade Buster next season.

37.people choose a broom and they pay him while Buster sits and waits beside his master.

38.looking for a challenging puzzle? exercise your brain with leaf Buster.

39.don't forget, you're the one that called us for help, Buster.