Burdensome Sentence Examples | Use Burdensome in a sentence

1.i really didnt know your empty place would be so Burdensome. i miss you.

2.lighting will be continuous or at least frequent during the last weeks at times, and the thunder claps Burdensome.

3.diabetes and its numerous complications are extremely Burdensome on the health and economies of countries worldwide.

4."good" gm would emerge after two or three months with a clean capital structure and no Burdensome contracts.

5.liberated from death row, the banks have lobbied hard against Burdensome regulatory changes.

6.a true friend will not make you feel Burdensome.

7.don't shift Burdensome tasks onto others.

8.however, in this case, it means that following the process tends to be less Burdensome and easier than not following the process.

9.however, implementation has proven more costly and Burdensome than originally anticipated.

10.i felt there is a Burdensome responsibility upon my shoulder.

11.perhaps truly has the intimately connected injury, as if awakening from a dream betrayal, Burdensome entanglement.

12.nor of men sought we glory, neither of you, nor yet of others, when we might have been Burdensome, as the apostles of christ.

13.we believe that it is learning to read too late that actually causes the process to become Burdensome.

14.tradition is far from being inert or Burdensome for the writer.

15.will the extra tasks be too Burdensome for you?

16.that we ratepayers have to keep paying the Burdensome interest.

17.if sandy's music got to be too Burdensome, some time, i would let a knight defeat me, on the chance that she would desert to him.

18.mr uribe has failed to reform Burdensome labour laws that force younger colombians into a vast informal economy.

19.even if your toolkit is up to its task, creating and maintaining tons of generated objects are just Burdensome and inflexible.

20.all the top countries regulate businesses, but they do so in less costly and Burdensome ways.

21.if you pay attention to your child such as the emperor to your parents such as Burdensome?

22.it's really Burdensome to have many children.

23.i relax fully and so life becomes less heavy and Burdensome and i tend to have less stress and worries during the rest of my week.

24.Burdensome duties, responsibilities, etc.

25.this Burdensome deployment model was a definite barrier for beginners.

26.but this can get tedious, and if you forget, Burdensome.

27.how costly and Burdensome depends only partly on the nature of the business.

28.the load was too Burdensome.

29.more important, he knew that, as an insurance company, aig was not subject to the same Burdensome rules on capital reserves as banks.

30.many of the manager position's more Burdensome administrative tasks were automated, freeing middle managers to coach others.

31.gates said he believes it is possible to do background security checks without having the process become too Burdensome .

32.an unpleasant or Burdensome task.

33.the Burdensome task of preparing her income tax return awaited her.

34.( informal) not Burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship.

35.that meant viewing health as far more than a Burdensome political duty, a bottomless drain on public funds.

36.specifying the properties for each file in a project is a Burdensome task.

37.some designers consider placing correlation data in the application interface to be Burdensome on the client application.

38.eg. the new regulations will be Burdensome for small businesses.

39.recognizing that non-automatic licensing procedures should be no more administratively Burdensome than absolutely necessary to administer the relevant measure;