Bunting Sentence Examples | Use Bunting in a sentence

1.yet she had evidently nothing of the fluttering, flapping quality of a morsel of Bunting in the wind.

2.the new passenger liner to be launched was decked out with scarlet silk flowers and Bunting.

3.the male painted Bunting is often described as the most beautiful bird in north america.

4.the ship was decked out with flags and Bunting.

5.i can also forgive the flags and the Bunting; indeed, they are quite jolly.

6.the streets and lanes are decked with Bunting.

7.shrub, put my ashes inside, and plant a Bunting, put in a corner of the office. it'll grow fast and tall for sure.

8.for all the festive Bunting, and despite the fact that rebels have pushed the front far to the southeast, the libyan capital remains wary.

9.from the moment the axe swung, the fleeds of flags, Bunting and royal smiles were sown for centuries to come.

10.parsons boasted that victory mansions alone would display four hundred metres of Bunting.

11.the breeze grew in strength, the flags shook, plastic Bunting creaked.

12.villagers decked the streets with Bunting

13.he assembled new stats to show, for instance, that time-honoured baseball strategies like Bunting or base-stealing were dumb.

14.but tomato nation's Bunting, perhaps more than most of her competitors, goes above and beyond to get her readers to pony up.

15.there was an air of festivity as they approached the playground, which was hung with Bunting and balloons.

16.the british opening ceremony should probably be more modest bonfires, union-flag bowler hats, and lots and lots of Bunting should do the trick even if there is a precedent for using performance-enhancing techniques.

17.coloured Bunting was strung across the streets and, at the entrances to the town, a series of colourful wooden arches were erected.

18.Bunting: a light cotton or woolen cloth used for making flags.

19.thousands of britons are planning to get out the Bunting, balloons and fold-up tables and hold street parties across the country to celebrate next month's wedding of prince william and kate middleton.

20.european Bunting the male being bright yellow.

21.and everywhere amid the greenery, on flags and Bunting, blazed the bright stars of the confederacy on their background of red and blue.

22.a female snow Bunting shelters from the wind behind an ice-encrusted boulder in cairngorms national park.

23.christi and bobby baskin, now28 and27 have been located and are living in san jose, california and go by the name of jennifer and jonathan Bunting.

24.to supplement its advertising effort, the company used a variety of sales-promotion techniques. it made posters, Bunting, flags, pennants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts available to pubs and discos for promotional parties.

25.the street is decorated with Bunting for the music festival.

26.according to Bunting there is no reason specific formulations should be targeted at men only.

27."our politics have lost the capacity to connect with that kind of emotion, " said Bunting, associate editor of britain's guardian newspaper.

28.sure enough, on the day, half-a-dozen strangers emerged from their houses, set up the barriers kindly provided by hackney council, and started tying up Bunting and putting out chairs.

29.Bunting uses a variety of products depending on the time of day or even her stress levels.

30.if you don't mind, just buy me a shurb, put my ashes inside, and plant a Bunting, put in a corner of the office. it'll grow fast and tall for sure.

31.there were masts and hulls cropping up everywhere, bright bits of Bunting, big open squares and high? ceilinged caf é s such as one only sees in the provinces.

32.the painted Bunting is found in thickets, woodland edges and brushy areas, along roadsides, in suburban areas, and gardens.

33.they decorated the band stand with red, white, and blue Bunting.

34.the park was gaily decorated with Bunting and flowers.

35.because technology is changing rapidly, states are still trying to catch up with various laws, statutes and case models, Bunting says.

36.he is no good at Bunting the baseball.

37.the noise from the terraces was deafening. they decorated the band stand with red, white, and blue Bunting.

38.red, white and blue Bunting hung in the city's renovated train station.

39.european Bunting inhabiting marshy areas. doctors sloughing through swampy lowlands

40.protective effects and mechanisms of corydalis saxicola Bunting total alkaloids on experimental liver injury