Bungling Sentence Examples | Use Bungling in a sentence

1.after many weeks of this kind of medical Bungling, garfield was rescued by death on september 19th.

2.well, your Bungling has set the project back a month. now try laughing that off!

3.china cannot be blind to the kims' Bungling and bellicosity, nor welcome their nuclear ambitions.

4.a Bungling workman; did a clumsy job; his fumbling attempt to put up a shelf.

5.bola yomm fell ill because of the contaminated air, but the Bungling koong also managed to poison himself.

6.he had no training, no skills, he was just a big, Bungling, useless lout!

7.here, the organization has had time to show its true colours, to show its inefficiency and its Bungling.

8.ignorance and Bungling with love are better than wisdom and skill without love.

9.for as long as it believes sacrificing sir victor and mr daniels would be interpreted as a recognition of its own Bungling, they will stay.

10.that man is a Bungling oaf.

11.george bush and his defence chiefs neglected the war in afghanistan while they devoted themselves to Bungling the war in iraq.

12.the act of Bungling, especially a poor stroke in golf

13.it is a terrible story of administrative callousness and Bungling, untold damage to the human soul, confusion, and terror. "- edwin o. "

14.that Bungling sheriff was my dad.

15.the mixed messages and Bungling of germany's politicians plunge a bad situation into outright peril.

16.mr murdoch's Bungling of the crisis has cast him as a fading emperor blind to his own mortality.

17.to be fair to mr musharraf, some of the Bungling described in the report is unremarkable in pakistan.

18.what Bungling idiot wired up the plug like this!

19.you can't do a thing without Bungling it.

20.since then he has repeatedly decried paternalism, called for more individual initiative and encouraged the public and official media to denounce bureaucratic Bungling.

21.a bumbling mechanic; a Bungling performance; ham-handed governmental interference; could scarcely empty a scuttle of ashes, so handless was the poor creature-mary h.vorse.

22.the Bungling of technicians and constructors causes the general quality faults of heating installation indoors mainly, while the problems of technology are easy to solved.