Bullied Sentence Examples | Use Bullied in a sentence

1.i will protect mother and mother's baby; i will not let you two be Bullied by others.

2.a: i'll let her know i'm not the one to be Bullied.

3.children with high self-esteem are less likely to be Bullied, or to bully, or belong to gangs.

4.in his last days zia is portrayed as a murderous buffoon: Bullied by his wife, sobbing to allah and suffering dreadfully from worms.

5.left by his parents in an orphanage aged three, he ran away at the age of five as he was being Bullied.

6.vic was Bullied by his father and persecuted by his sisters.

7.i asked her if she was Bullied by the other children.

8.Bullied kids face a high risk of mental health problems as teens and as young adults.

9.buck never allowed himself to be Bullied into doing anything that went against his principles

10.in fact, i knew he was Bullied.

11.many children who can't or don't conform are often Bullied

12.sam and i, we've laboured, rowed and Bullied for this.

13.in the old days, she used to be Bullied in the feudal family.

14.yet the fed's credibility could be at stake if it allowed itself to be Bullied into a late u-turn that is not clearly justified by the data.

15.Bullied children a good companion, when he played a bad guy played by the old people, to experience the kind of feelings of being Bullied.

16.for enemies are still around, and we are being Bullied and encircled by them.

17.house and his team deal with a Bullied girl who collapses during her school's christmas program.

18.confused by the sea in the wind, the Bullied, engulfed, injuries are the steep stone loyalty.

19.tell children to tell a grown-up if they're being Bullied.

20.the government says it will not be Bullied by the press.

21.the boy Bullied the small girl into giving him all her money.

22.a total stranger had been Bullied unmercifully into driving her home.

23.governments have been Bullied and greece in particular humiliated.

24.they abused their power and Bullied the people, thus arousing intense discontent among the masses.

25.mr adams was repeatedly Bullied and picked on by manageress elizabeth archer.

26.needless to say, the president should not let himself be Bullied. the economy is still in deep trouble and needs continuing help.

27.and lauren mackler advises people who feel Bullied to consider how the bully got that way.

28.we chinese people are not to be Bullied.

29.this is my site, you can not act wildly here, i can not let my brother be Bullied.

30.both of you Bullied me long enough.

31.what to do if you are being Bullied at work?

32.host: were you Bullied when you were schooling?

33.han lingsha: have, have you Bullied her?

34.bie "s mother appeared, and she opened a coffee shop, she did not know the identity of bie, often Bullied him and laughed at him. "

35.i was depressed due to someone Bullied me in emotion last night, my dear, i felt that there no one loved me and treasure me.

36.the victim may, or may not, be aware that they are being Bullied.

37.eric began to have weight problems when he was 11. he was teased and Bullied which made him depressed and gain more weight.

38.i wanted to tell you everything but the manager Bullied me out of it.

39.assertiveness training can reduce stress by teaching you to stand up for your legitimate rights without bullying or being Bullied.

40.they tore my clothes, Bullied and roared, as if they would have murdered me.