Bulb Sentence Examples | Use Bulb in a sentence

1.most have been used to the principle of having a fuse or safety switch that turns the fixture off if the Bulb burns out.

2.yesterday, i had to change a headlamp Bulb on my car.

3.and you are having problems with the Bulb.

4.and the fun part -- and i'm quite focused on it -- i tell people i used to be a light Bulb, but now i'm a laser.

5.i told him i was a light Bulb.

6.the Bulb socket and Bulb comprise one spare part.

7.the Bulb of amaryllis vittata was used explant to establish the technique system of tissue culture.

8.that electric Bulb is very bright.

9.the floor lamp in my room is out. please change the Bulb.

10.a 40 watt Bulb would be quite sufficient and would not obtrude

11.the payback on investing in a compact fluorescent Bulb, therefore, is less than a year.

12.the light Bulb in the bathroom burned out and father put in a new one.

13.risk of damage to Bulbs and Bulb housing.

14.as you know, there are lots of nations on the face of the Bulb.

15.it is after having failed a lot that he had the invention of tungsten filament Bulb.

16.please take the Bulb off.

17.the light Bulb in the bathroom burned out.

18.it has a white Bulb and a white lampshade.

19.the Bulb of the eye is important for us.

20.i almost dropped the Bulb.

21.we'll have to change the Bulb again.

22.this type of Bulb consumes little power.

23.the stairwell was lit by a single Bulb.

24.we accredit the invention of the electric light Bulb to edison.

25.gilbert discovered electricity, but edison invented the light Bulb.

26.the cozy inn looked inexpensive, and was. he carried his gear into a room containing two table lamps, one of which had a burned-out Bulb.

27.edison invented the Bulb.

28.the dim Bulb of the bedside lamp cast a soft radiance over his face.

29.objects cast shadows as if the light were emitted from a single geometric point like a naked light Bulb.

30.we changed the Bulb and checked the fuse.

31.the naked Bulb was directly over his head

32.i have to put a new light Bulb in.

33.is the key-in lamp Bulb open or socket damaged?

34.this makes the total cost of the Bulb and energy £ 27

35.and yet there was nothing, just a silence of moving shadows, a Bulb winking at the walls.

36.when you suddenly you see a bright light like the sun or a light Bulb then you feel like you are going to sneeze.

37.at least ten, as they need to hold a debate on whether or not the light Bulb exists.

38.a dielectric waveguide integrated plasma lamp is disclosed for powering a small and bright Bulb with a diameter of a few millimeters.

39.an efficient Bulb may lighten the load of power stations