Bricking Sentence Examples | Use Bricking in a sentence

1.the results show that the reasons of long service of m-p hot stove at high temperature are special stove design and lining structure, suitable refractory, right Bricking manner, high building quality, and so on.

2.research on graphics processing unit ( gpu) based Bricking ray casting method

3.want to try new things and i can take the risk of Bricking i phone.

4.this article mainly introduces something about easily occurred quality problem during the work of Bricking up construction, and issues the correct operating method to ensure its quality of building project.

5.experimental investigation of carbon fiber technique in Bricking-up structure earthquake-resistant strengthening

6.when mud in Bricking -ups dries and solidifies, quality defects shall not be amended by knocking but being rebuilt. is an official Bricking building in cing dynasty.

8.compared with the traditionally used Bricking or casting processes for shaped refractory, the spraying process for no-shape refractory has advantages in mechanized construction and good entirely performance and is especially suitable for the inner lining with complicated, irregular curved surfaces.

9.application of phosphoric acid in Bricking of coal-fired type zinc re-distiller

10.using rig the only safe kiln Bricking using a brick rig is the only safe kiln Bricking method

11.problems which must be controlled during design and construction of Bricking wall

12.we will not be held responsible for Bricking your iphone or ipod touch.

13.application and development of new slurry used for bf Bricking

14.experimental study on unitary compressive deformation performance of the yellow river silt bearing cellular Bricking structures

15.discussion of the cracks on the Bricking-up structure

16.the paper describes basic type and selection of refractory material of coal-fired zinc re-distiller and application of phosphoric acid in Bricking of the re-distiller.

17.crack origin analysis and design countermeasure in the Bricking-up project example

18.the measures and suggestions for the control of the cracks in the Bricking-up structures not install in slim consoles! looks like users are reporting Bricking issues. that's weird as the cfw was tested on both models.

20.if you choose to proceed with this downgrader, use it at your own risk as Bricking may occur.

21.chief constitution measures to prevent or lighten walling crack in Bricking-up structure

22.analyses reasons produced by common mistakes for road Bricking affiliated struction, points out its harm, makes prevention and treatment measures.

23.discussion about the side moving rigidity of underframe earthquake resistance Bricking-up housing

24.this paper introduces the constructional guaranteeing measures for the small-sized concrete hollow-brick wall, and puts forward the construction technical requirements for the wall Bricking and pestering, and expounds some measures for preventing and treating the hollow and crack on the wall.

25.miniature concrete building block Bricking and building operating technique

26.remember, there is still a risk of Bricking your psp by using this application.

27.the results reveal that the monolithic casting lining of mixer can be extended to four years and it is evidently superior to conventional Bricking process.

28.thus in the design of wall beam, it shall clear the strength of concrete and Bricking up material and measure and construction method for the wall beam structure.