Brawn Sentence Examples | Use Brawn in a sentence

1.former triple world champion niki lauda said it is simplistic to put the speed of the Brawn car entirely down to its diffuser.

2.use skill, tactics, Brawn and a multitude of amazing pitch features and pickups to help you win.

3.what are your thought on ross Brawn's move?

4.he's got plenty of brains as well as Brawn. in the mind shudders, the face Brawn is placed in to paralyze status.

6.advanced search technology requires both brains and Brawn: google, for instance, can throw ranks of phds at the problem, along with massive computing power.

7.he strained each Brawn to life the box.

8.only two years after amiably leaving ferrari, ross Brawn is at war with his former team. this job you need brains as well as Brawn.

10.Brawn says his number one priority now is to work to keep the team alive by finding a buyer that would secure as many jobs as he can at the northamptonshire base.

11.their Brawn and thews braved undauntedly almost unbelievable hardships to open up a new continent.

12.too little bone and Brawn had isolated bernard from his fellow men.

13.i am very proud that i will now drive for the new mercedes team and work with ross Brawn.

14.with a little twist of fate, the man at the wheel of a Brawn this year could have been nick heidfeld.

15.a really strong player is not just Brawn but no brain. requires brain as well as Brawn. world champion schumacher has signed a three-year deal with ross Brawn's team, and insists he will not be merely making up the numbers.

18.i asked for prosperity*. and god gave me a brain and Brawn to work.

19.whoever gets a knockout or a checkmate first wins-it's the ultimate combination of brain and Brawn!

20.we are always within four or five tenths of the best team, being Brawn or red bull, and there was also toyota and ferrari ahead of us.

21.the work requires brain as well as Brawn.

22.she said she preferred Brawn to brains.'s formula one technical manager ross Brawn concedes it is a difficult time for his staff.

24.gautam adani, a strapping billionaire with a habit of watching share prices on television as he talks, has used Brawn and guile to build from scratch an empire of ports, power and coal centred in gujarat, a western state.

25.brains to go with the Brawn.

26.we have all the tools falling into place so i think that honda can be a team of the future-with ross Brawn.

27.since then he's finished no higher than sixth, but given his recent successes with Brawn, barrichello has every right to expect a reversal in fortunes this weekend.

28.tyrrell started a little team at the end of the sixties that was honda and is now Brawn.

29.Brawn gp chief executive nick fry has confirmed reports the british team has decided to shed nearly 40 per cent of its workforce.

30.the 2009 championship opener today lived up to its pre-season hype, with jenson button leading an eventful Brawn one-two at albert park.

31.the british Brawn gp driver admitted that something has gone wrong with a car that was in a class of its own early in the season.

32.i am very motivated and with the joining of ross Brawn, i definitely feel that we are undergoing a change for the better.

33.yes, there's brain behind the Brawn.

34.what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in Brawn.

35.we would like him to help us on the racing car, said Brawn.

36.the sensational comeback has left everybody in awe of what Brawn has managed over the past months. we may credit the achiever with brains, Brawn or lucky break and let ourselves off the hook because we fall short in all three.

38.brains and Brawn are equally important. to a certain extent, the practicing of finger exercises cannot be avoided.

39.slytherin strategy often appears to favor Brawn over skill, and they will not hesitate to use dirty tricks or cheating.

40.the fact was, the journalist asked me if i thought Brawn was my last chance of being champion.