Braggart Sentence Examples | Use Braggart in a sentence may have to do a little self-promotion, but try not to come off as a Braggart. can overdo it and make yourself sound like a Braggart.

3.but if he is born in spring, he will be less of a Braggart.

4.while on the ship he had never discussed degrees with her, but when she saw this item, she would conclude that he was a deceitful Braggart.

5.ziro seemed the Braggart in jabba's extended clan, but sometimes dooku saw hints of a subtler intelligence underneath.

6.humiliate sb who has been impertinent or boastful a Braggart soldier ( a stock figure in comedy).

7.modest by nature, she was no Braggart, preferring to let her accomplishments speak for themselves. 2002, the Braggart snake-oil salesman, jean-marie le pen, touched a chord in a worried nation ( but suffered an overwhelming defeat in the second round of the election).

9.Braggart, preferring to let her accomplishments speak for themselves.

10.but for the moment wendy was shocked. "you conceit [Braggart], " she exclaimed, with frightful sarcasm; "of course i did nothing! "

11.appearances to avoid: you don't want to look like a Braggart so a modest, low key approach to the entire process is recommended.

12.a Braggart soldier ( a stock figure in comedy).

13.however, captain prien was no Braggart.

14."see what a Braggart you are, " said the fox. "you throw your hatchet so far that you cannot get it back again. "

15.don't like Braggart, dislike the person of the lying. both of these cases, complaining is bragging and nobody likes a Braggart.

17.sir, i don't seek a quarrel, not being a Braggart. corzine, perhaps becauseofthe need to be tight-lipped when he rangoldman sachs, is not a Braggart.

19.but, if you speak too loudly, you may be perceived as overbearing, bossy, a bully, a Braggart.

20.cherokee legend, commonly known as "the rabbit goes duck hunting," is about a rabbit who is a Braggart and a trickster able to persuade other animals that he can back up his boasts.

21.nobody likes a Braggart. they dominate conversations and only talk about themselves.