Brad Sentence Examples | Use Brad in a sentence

1.whatever you may think about him, Brad, he's not a fool, you know.

2.i am fortunate to have a partner, Brad pitt, who is so loving and supportive. do Brad pitt, cameron diaz and jack nicholson.

4.cause the thing is, if she tells Brad, he's gonna think it's all his fault.

5.s: no, but i heard about that angelina jolie and Brad pitt didn't attend.

6.Brad: what time should i arrive?

7.'you look in a bad way,' chuckled Brad.

8."she had just split up from Brad pitt, " he says, "she was like poor jennifer and i was like 'i'm going to make you so hot'. "

9.angelina is said to spend most of her time in one of the annexes while Brad lives in the main house with its 10 bedrooms.

10.maybe like Brad pitt or mel gibson.

11.i met Brad when i was investigating you. they await a response Brad pitt and his wife have other things on their minds. jennifer aniston is expecting a baby early next year.

13.Brad and i were driving and we saw an old couple driving.

14.well, apparently john voight is a bit of a conservative and, even worse, angelina jolie and Brad pitt haven't decided who to vote for yet!

15.Brad was jane's brother! no wonder he reminded me so much of her!

16.he is seeded second, behind Brad beven

17.she was a beautiful bride. the unfortunate thing is, Brad is an ugly man, but you put a tuxedo on him and he looks okay.

18.i want to know how you took Brad down so fast.

19.i had sex with Brad warner.

20.Brad pitt's path from missouri-bred choirboy to delectable hunk was cemented with a strong baptist faith and at least a trillion sit-ups.

21.i'm one of the Brad and angelina fans, of course.

22.have Brad pitt, bruce willis and cher right on your desktop!

23.madonna has outraged Brad pitt and angelina jolie by criticising their charity work.

24.her fans analyzed the photos, looking for the presence of Brad pitt, at her new blond highlights and for clues to what she was wearing.

25.i've got to have Brad little and his team.

26.i was a bit gutted to see Brad friedel's red card rescinded; he always has the game of his life against us.

27.Brad pitt steals the show as the young man doomed by his zest for life. did that affect things with Brad at the coalition?

29.Brad: i'm not try to be your father.

30.most of you would probably guess that Brad pitt and angelina jolie would be number one on the list.

31.david had been dancing about like a child, but suddenly he stood still and looked at Brad

32.who's in the new movie with Brad pitt?

33.'you can join us if you like.' Brad shook his head. 'i'll pass, thanks.'

34.sharon talks to Brad about his new habit.

35.sure i know Brad pitt, he is the actor i admire most.

36.because Brad miller was still out with an ankle injury, jordan hill was given the opportunity to show he was ready to fill in.

37.Brad pitt and angelina jolie captivate the crowd at the "inglourious basterds" premiere in hollywood.

38.Brad, do you realize when they destroy the woods.

39.Brad keeps his stuff in the change room.

40.soon enough, we bought it, before Brad and i even had seen it.