Bracteole Sentence Examples | Use Bracteole in a sentence bisexual, arising from axils of small bracts, erect, small, often subtended by a Bracteole.

2.bract and Bracteole borne on proximal part of pedicel, often at or near base;

3.flowering pedicel perpendicular to axis of raceme, glabrous, subtended by a setaceous Bracteole.

4.pedicel bearing a bract and Bracteole toward either base or apex, pubescent, puberulent, or glabrous;

5.under the e-ling oval Bracteole 4, a short sharp tip, about a quarter of cylinder e;

6.bract and Bracteole borne on distal part of pedicel, linear-lanceolate, proximally pubescent;

7.flowering pedicel perpendicular to axis of raceme, without or rarely with a minute setaceous Bracteole at base, commonly pubescent.

8.moreover, the pubescence of the stems and leaflets, the shape of the leaflets and Bracteole, and the color of flowers are also useful characteristics for the delimitation of species within this subgenus.

9.flowering pedicel ascending or erect, glabrous or glandular pubescent, basally with a setaceous Bracteole;

10.pedicel absent; Bracteole 1, at base of flower.

11.Bracteole absent or 1.