Boxing Sentence Examples | Use Boxing in a sentence

1.she had told her coach before this fight, that this was going to be her last one since she was going to stop Boxing because of her age. college he studied english and did amateur Boxing.

3.some speakers argued that Boxing was less dangerous than rugby.

4.although he was defeated in the Boxing match, all the fans knew that ali had played to the best of his ability.

5.the only way Boxing can be discussed is in the context of a caveman's sport.

6.b i like it too? and the other indoor sports. i like watching judo and Boxing.

7.ernest is often stereotyped as a masculine writer with much of his work focusing on hunting, fishing, Boxing, and bullfighting.

8.dan boxer before the lower level to see he has extraordinary talent, trying to integrate it into Boxing.

9.they competed in basketball, football, swimming, track and field, Boxing, bicycling and weight lifting.

10.he won the world heavyweight Boxing championship on points.

11.he is the world champion in Boxing.

12.thai Boxing became a popular sport.

13.part of winning a mandate is having clear goals and not Boxing yourself in

14.jamie carragher has revealed how he took up Boxing during the summer to ensure he would be fighting fit for the start of the 2009-10 season.

15.i want to get Boxing out of my system and settle down to enjoy family life.

16.later, in london burao dayton a large-scale construction of the stadium, as a specialized organization of Boxing ring and the centre. suspects he will be finished with Boxing.

18.he held both the lightweight and middleweight college Boxing championships.

19.other sports which many people enjoy watching include tennis, Boxing, and golf.

20.i was the seminary Boxing champion.

21.all right, that's enough! no Boxing in the house!

22.his defeat of the world champion made him a star in the Boxing world.

23.if you know your new class will frequently handle certain value types you can use one of two tactics to minimize the cost of Boxing.

24.few contests in the recent history of british Boxing have been as thrilling.

25.i've taken up Boxing again, and my cantata.

26.he said: he loves computer games, Boxing and manchester united. ?

27.i hear mike tyson has challenged the world champion of Boxing.

28.Boxing is a test of skill and technique, rather than brute strength. 1936, max schmeling had been lionised as Boxing's great hope.

30.although much less experienced, he gave a good account of him self in the Boxing match. was foolish of you to pick a fight with a heavy weight Boxing champion!

32.european immigrants brought tennis, golf, bowling and Boxing to america.

33.he's the king of unlicensed Boxing

34.i know nothing about Boxing, but i could see he was unfit, because he was puffing.

35.he will never again be allowed inside a british Boxing ring.

36.i think Boxing will take off in a big way here.

37.she said her client said he was joking around and he struck sir alex while shadow Boxing.

38.she is expert at chinese Boxing.; she is expert at martial arts.

39.feather smell speech, thought can be flat does is due to be creative, all angry gave him a Boxing, had to leave.