Bounded Sentence Examples | Use Bounded in a sentence

1.he Bounded off as she spoke, scarcely stopping to listen, for it was so delightful for him to breathe the fresh air and be free again.

2.the robust guaranteed cost control for uncertain impulsive multi-delay systems with Bounded norm is studied.

3.fujian is Bounded on the north by zhejiang. the gravitational field of the earth, negative energy corresponds to Bounded motion and positive energy to unBounded motion.

5.the Bounded and unBounded traveling wave solutions which correspond to the stable and unstable manifold at the saddle point have been worked out.

6.the set of outcomes is well defined and Bounded, and we will soon know which outcome has occurred.

7.that's if you have a curve Bounded by p0 and p1.

8.i declare that the above information is true . if my application is approved , i shall be Bounded by the alumni's constitution .

9.jiangsu is Bounded on the north by shandong.

10.the robust steady-state tracking problem subjected to coprime factor perturbations and unknown external Bounded disturbance is addressed.

11.carrie's heart Bounded to her throat.

12.the constructive expression of the pole assignment is given by the generalized inverse of Bounded linear operator.

13.presents key issues of Bounded rationality, uncertainty, complexity, and opportunism.

14.a country Bounded on two sides by the sea.

15.then he Bounded over to the kill and the lionesses and cubes hurried out of his way.

16.the ball struck the wall and Bounded back to me.

17.high-performance garbage-collected implementations can have Bounded pauses to support systems programming and real-time applications.

18.transitivity determines whether the trust is Bounded by the domain and the realm in the trust relationship.

19.kirgizia is Bounded by uzbekistan, kazakhstan and tajikistan.

20.tracking to arbitrary signals in Bounded unified's chaotic system is realized by nonlinear feedback control.

21.he Bounded up the step with vigour.

22.the little boy Bounded away.

23.her heart Bounded with joy.

24.a priori point-wise estimations are established for Bounded functions satisfying a new class of nonlinear inequalities involving improper integrals.

25.Bounded search tree and dynamic programming are frequently-used techniques in parameterized algorithm.

26.for an instant, it stared at me; then, like a white ensign, its tail shot up a warning, and the deer Bounded into the night.

27.the plates are Bounded by an interconnected network of ridges, transform faults, and trenches.

28.he Bounded back home to tell his mother that the teacher praised him in class.

29.the portion of such a surface Bounded by two parallel planes and the regions of the planes Bounded by the surface.

30.what interests me about this study is the way it reveals the Bounded nature of memory.

31.he Bounded rather than climbed upon his commode, and resumed his post near the little peep-hole in the partition wall. this paper, single-valued representation of set-valued function of Bounded varia-tion is derived.

33.he Bounded up the steps and pushed the bell of the door

34.i feel i am Bounded too much at home.

35.our lives are Bounded by work, family and television.

36.the leopard Bounded on the prey.

37.down below us, where the escarpment levelled out, was a grassy field used for pasture, Bounded by a line of pollarded willows.

38.from the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: she landed on the office floor, Bounded once across the office and soared out of the window.

39.the shares Bounded ahead a further 11p to 311p

40.the result of this work was a simply designed scheduler that incorporated fairness with Bounded latency.