Bound Sentence Examples | Use Bound in a sentence

1.thread-Bound book cover, back cover is made of two or three of these special paper with history.

2.the manager of a company does not like having a large chunk of his wealth Bound up in its shares

3.american parents may soon be able to rule violent tv programmes out of Bounds.

4.the passion of argentinian football fans knows no Bounds.

5.our lives are Bounded by work, family and television.

6.we'll have more than one child, and one of them's Bound to be a boy.

7.if you are topless in a public place, this sort of thing is Bound to happen.

8.the story of their exploration is inextricably Bound up with the character of the caves themselves

9.she leaps in one Bound onto her pony's back for a speedy canter around the ring

10.they'd have a lot of hydrogen sulfide gas Bound up in their cells.

11.neutrons and protons are Bound together in the nucleus of an atom.

12.there are Bound to be price increases next year the short term, though, the prospects of a business so dependent on the whims of politicians are Bound to be uncertain.

14.i'll show it to benjamin. he's Bound to know

15.just as wu could not see the two sides of a coin, to choose one more system is Bound to give up the other moral systems.

16.changes in temperature occur slowly and are constrained within relatively tight Bounds.

17.economic growth is still Bound to the issues of poverty, social justice and conservation.

18.he has a strong purchase on earth-Bound things, an enduring commitment to places that, as he says, "unlock the word-hoard" . is Bound to be a big focus for you right now, and you could be awakening to a deeper sense of your own worth as well.

20.given the fact that the measuring instruments were defective , the experiment was Bound to be a failure.

21.i boarded the plane Bound for england.

22.after another stop on the irish coast titanic went out to see on its maiden voyage across the atlantic Bound for new york.

23.the shares Bounded ahead a further 11p to 311p

24.kirgizia is Bounded by uzbekistan, kazakhstan and tajikistan. fate was Bound up with hers

26.he Bounded up the steps and pushed the bell of the door

27.their interests were completely Bound up in their careers.

28.for the last few days the area has been out of Bounds to foreign journalists. is the business of the school to deepen and extend his sense of the values Bound up in his home life.

30.with one Bound jack was free.

31.there's no chance that he'll surface because he's Bound to have heard by now

32.when i stepped onto the train Bound to beijing, i knew i would have to depend on myself to deal with everything.

33.i felt duty Bound to help.

34.they killed the sons of zedekiah before his eyes. then they put out his eyes, Bound him with bronze shackles and took him to babylon.

35.the dog came Bounding back with the stick for richard to throw again.

36.the ship was Bound for italy.

37.we are as tightly Bound to the people we dislike as to the people we love

38.the economy isn't Bounding back as fast as people expected.

39.i'm Bound to say that it seems to me this is certain to lead to violence.

40.i'd be homeward Bound even before grant arrived