Boiling Sentence Examples | Use Boiling in a sentence

1.often the food may be bubbling and Boiling hot on the top, but the inside may still be cold.

2.but in the evaporation cooled electric machine the heat can be transferred by the two-phase flow of the coolant with low Boiling point.

3.when everybody else is Boiling hot, i'm freezing!

4.Boiling water cracked a cup acrossthe bottom. had been simmering for months, say students, and this is the moment school racism reached Boiling point.

6.the Boiling point of water is 100 degrees centigrade.

7.the vegetables dropped into the Boiling oil with a sizzle.

8.a pan of potatoes was Boiling away merrily on the gas stove.

9.there was no coffee or tea in our room; just a coffee pot for making coffee and a pot for Boiling water.

10.the ground had opened to disgorge a Boiling stream of molten lava.

11.extra Boiling water should be kept at hand just in case it is needed.

12.the tea-urn was now asked to sing, but she said she had a cold, and could not sing without Boiling heat. was the beginning of winter, when low temperatures and relentless winds made dinner over a pot of Boiling broth very enticing.

14.don't be scalded by Boiling water.

15.the situation is rapidly reaching Boiling point, and the army has been put on stand-by

16.volcanic activity has created thermal springs and Boiling mud pools.

17.mal's temper was at Boiling point.

18.the water is Boiling.

19.the water's Boiling hot. pour it from one cup to another repeatedly to cool it.

20.the soup is Boiling [ bubbling] in the pot.

21.the eruption from the fissure was not the only news, as a river nearby began Boiling from the heat of the earth. the saucepan over moderate heat until the cider is very hot but not Boiling

23.colloids, gels, bubbles, Boiling and cooling are just a few of the long list of areas astronauts will study using the fluids rack.

24.make the sauce by Boiling the cream and stock together in a pan

25."this looks like it's been Boiling over for a long time, " my husband said as he rushed into the kitchen to turn off the stove.

26.the kettle is Boiling over.

27.i used to be all sweetness and light on the outside, but inside i would be Boiling with rage.

28.price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shallnot be able to keep the pot Boiling.

29.'it's Boiling in here,' complained miriam

30.heat the cream to Boiling point and pour three quarters of it over the chocolate.

31.the temperature gauge indicated that it was Boiling.

32.make an infusion by Boiling and simmering the rhubarb and camomile together

33.let me show you . first boil some water in a kettle . ok . then warm the pot by pouring in a little Boiling water , and then empty it out .

34.she makes tea with Boiling water.

35.the Boiling water bubbled furiously in the kettle. the kettle Boiling?

37.this soup is Boiling hot!

38.the pot is Boiling dry.

39.the Boiling point of water is 373 k