Bogy Sentence Examples | Use Bogy in a sentence

1.i knelt down with dad and helped untie Bogy, who wriggled against us happily, his stub tail wiggling furiously.

2.i never did learn how dad managed to arrange Bogy 's presence that afternoon, but i know he had trusted me to make the right choice.

3.listen! did you heard? the Bogy called that woman "master" ? . . the woman is a Bogy , too! no wonder she spoke like that!

5.pcr analysis on metabolic remains of transgenic component derived from feed in poultry Bogy

6.the next morning as i leaped down the back steps, i saw Bogy next door and stopped.

7.well? why there have other persons? could it be said that they became from Bogy ? ! hobbes was very much a Bogy man and he remained a Bogy man for a long time.

9."forget the communist Bogy, " he wrote. "viet minh league is not communist. stands for freedom and reforms from french harshness. "

10.there squatted my hated nemesis, Bogy, tied to a post.