Blurred Sentence Examples | Use Blurred in a sentence you have headaches and Blurred vision?

2.for entrepreneurs, the line between personal and professional is Blurred.

3.christine and the phantom of the feelings of love than raul shall, from her eyes with the phantom of the Blurred vision can see.

4.the distinction between the database and an application server is gradually being Blurred.

5.if it is Blurred out, you need to check "hide inactive icons".

6.the writing was Blurred.

7.the old lady's vision had become Blurred, so she couldn't thread the needle.

8.i have to have my set fixed. it's got Blurred. is not rare to run into the image of a child with his thumb in his mouth against the Blurred light of an ultrasound.

10.but the people gradually Blurred, only a shadow. sleepiness is dim, actually can also be able to feel him to be Blurred, but pornographic look.

12.he did not finish the first paragraph. the lines Blurred and ran together and his head nodded.

13.should the line between the public and private sector be Blurred, as it was in the first 50 years of the nation's history?

14.but on the doorsill of her home the picture grew Blurred.

15.image is Blurred, police need to be solved in work site of a basic, key problems.

16.the boy cried and his eyes Blurred with tears.

17.her eyes Blurred with tears.

18.their lazy, Blurred voices fell pleasantly on his ears.

19.i hardly spoke with wong sheng when we were in zmc. my memory of him was Blurred.

20.the copy is Blurred, it is not very clear. in front of me gradually become Blurred, because your eyes filled with tears of sadness.

22.the evidence is Blurred by central banks 'reluctance to reveal their blunders.

23.past is mostly Blurred.

24.the boundaries of sovereign nations are Blurred.

25.moseley and wilkerson in view, the definition of art and design become Blurred.

26.the line between interface and implementation is Blurred.

27.the inscriptions on the stone tablet have become Blurred with the passage of time.

28.areas of the composition seem deliberately Blurred, as our vision would be in trying to gaze through a snowstorm.

29.mists Blurred the views.

30."i don't care what they say, " he thought fiercely, and his vision Blurred as he flew out toward the far cliffs.

31.fiction and reality were increasingly Blurred matter how much i eagerly looked up, tears or Blurred eyes. no matter how much i strong turned, the next second or cry out sound.

33.the boundaries between history and storytelling are always being Blurred and muddled.

34.tears Blurred his eyes and make the front cover living lighthouse.

35.dust Blurred my vision.

36.tears Blurred his eyes.

37.if the camera is not brought into focus, the photo will be Blurred.

38.he took a look over there and got a Blurred image of it.

39.all i saw was a Blurred figure behind the wheel dressed in a white dhobi indicating towards the door with his arm.