Blotter Sentence Examples | Use Blotter in a sentence

1.Blotter test for four seed-borne species of drechslera in barley

2.the note, face upward on the Blotter, was dated two days earlier. a comment on the struggle that the overseas chinese in southeast asia fought the western colonists in ming dynasty and in the earlier stage of qing dynasty

3.then i spied a miniature, brown, snake-effect leather briefcase that opened out to reveal a letter set, writing surface, Blotter and silver propelling pencil.

4.the mycoflora of rice seed from hebei were analysed using Blotter method and seed washing method. a total of 31 species, belong to 23 genera, were found.

5.the ink quickly sinks in the blotting paper. b-the wet ink with a clean Blotter please!

6.he caught up the Blotter and said: "it comes from there. "

7.lemon balm and parsley extracts deeply cleanse and act as a natural oil Blotter., take a Blotter from over there and blot each envelope after i'm through writing it, she instructed me.

9.using our trade Blotter, the head of trading reviews allocated trades daily.

10.i have decided, says my daughter, that it was an overambitious stringer, who saw the name on a police Blotter and tried to cash in.

11.lord lucan's desk was made about 200 years ago from rosewood and tulipwood. it has a built-in leather Blotter surrounded by a marquetry pattern of leaves and flowers.

12.a Blotter method for detecting seed borne inoculum of fusarium species in cotton

13.the young woman reads the police Blotter in the newspaper.

14.use a Blotter to take up the spilt ink. the form of an lsd Blotter?

16.he blotted the wet ink with a clean Blotter.

17.the ranks of recent years' rich lists read like a police Blotter. no time did reporters have access to trading, portfolio, monitor, Blotter or other related systems.

19.the grease Blotter doesn't break up and it only picks up the oil and grease. record charges against ( a person) on a police Blotter. bookkeeping means the recording of transactions, the recording-making phase of accounting.

21.front desk counter is clean, neat and tidy. pens are in working condition and Blotter pads are looking new.

22.a police Blotter is a record of arrests and charges.

23.b-the wet ink with a clean Blotter please!

24.the Blotter test of seed& borne stemphylium in white and red clovers

25.police Blotter says you did. an assistant to the mayor of greenville, miss., he has seen the names of some former students on the police Blotter.

27.the work is still being pulled out from under a Blotter and then tucked back under.

28.she turned up the missing papers under her Blotter.