Block Sentence Examples | Use Block in a sentence

1.there were outdoor cafes on almost every Block.

2.someone had hollowed out a large Block of stone

3.a seven-year-old boy was found dead after a landslide engulfed a Block of flats

4.Block draughts around doors and windows

5.his persistent attempts to complain to his superiors were Blocked and ignored.

6.he walked around the Block three times.

7.he secretly tried to Block her advancement in the party

8.he could scarcely jog around the Block that first day.

9.i began gathering up my things slowly, trying to Block the anger that filled me, for fear my eyes would tear up. can always use opaque glass if you need to Block a street view.

11.she walked four Blocks down high street

12.i started to move round him, but he Blocked my way

13.those booking a Block of seats get them at reduced rates.

14.think of your ordinary, emotional, thought-ridden self as a Block of ice or a slab of butter left out in the sun.

15.the whole Block is being fixed up.

16.most of the road behind the hotel was screened by a Block of flats.

17.when olympic champion kerri walsh jumped up to Block the ball in her opening match, the gold band flew off her finger.

18.powdering a sweaty nose will only Block up the pores and make the skin more uncomfortable

19.extra classrooms were built out from the main Block.

20.when the shrimp farm is built it will Block the stream

21.they took over a condemned 1960s tower Block last year for one night.

22.the chancellor, by his unusual statement, has put his head on the Block.

23.i told bob to Block the kid to the right too, then run hard left, and i'd throw the ball to him right before the rusher got to me.

24.not only did he contest and Block williams' shot then save the ball from going out of bounds, he also perfectly timed when to leave boozer.

25.he can clear Blocked drains.

26.some students today Blocked a highway that cuts through the center of the city

27.two firemen were hurt in a blaze which swept through a tower Block last night.

28.for years the country has tried to Block imports of various cheap foreign products

29.a Block up the street i found a parking lot.

30.she explained her son's final wish and asked if it might be possible to give her six-year-old son a ride around the Block on a fire engine.

31.i finally hoisted him up with a Block and tackle. the final seconds, gunn goalie kevin cantwell Blocked two shots. calder tried to leave the shop but the police officer Blocked his path.

34."it is not an advantage for baidu because we have to Block things, " he said. "it does not give us better user experience. "

35.the knife was stuck on the chopping Block but she pulled it out with a jerk.

36.he ran the last Block to the white house with two cases of gear

37.with this disease the veins in the liver can Block up, and all sorts of damage follows.

38.they love to yell. you'll usually find at least one or two people on every Block angrily screaming at someone about something or other.

39.we're trying to get shield Block to feel more like a mini-shield wall.

40.perhaps the major stumbling Block to reunification is the military presence in south korea.