Bloat Sentence Examples | Use Bloat in a sentence

1.greyhound's deep chest makes them quite susceptible to Bloat, also known as gastric dilation volvulus (or gdv). a result, during the boom, british banks were allowed to Bloat. modifying ( or transforming) the ast, lombok keeps your source code trim and free of Bloat, unlike plain-text code-generation.

4.ivy centralizes dependent files and reduces the Bloat that can occur when development teams copy jar files from one version-control repository to the next.

5.the other health problem in borzoi ( and any deep-chested dog) is the occurrence of Bloat and torsion.

6.this results in both code Bloat and an overly complex data model for your application., what are we seeing here, really? templates do not "cause code Bloat" or long compile times.

8.included though not singular to: Bloat, pano, ocd, thyroid problems as well as alternative defence complement as well as endocrine problems.

9.without scripts to build images, image Bloat occurs and that eats up more space and slows the system down.

10.this can sometimes lead to test case Bloat, where you are running and maintaining tests simply because they were easy to create.

11.the goldwater institute points to a third poison to add to rising prices and declining productivity: administrative Bloat.

12.this leads to bugs, code Bloat, and blatant dry violations.

13.fresh vegetables should be avoided as these can cause Bloat in a chinchilla, which can be fatal.

14.i do not think that this is functionality Bloat, but i agree with you that it is a functionality avalanche.

15.the warp will be the most useful, however "pucker" and "Bloat" are best for shrinking or expanding the area.

16.over time, this kind of "i'll code around the problem" approach encourages code Bloat and lots of incompatible special-purpose apis, which isn't a good thing.

17.your best beverage is always going to be water. it flushes out fat and keeps down Bloat, and drinking lots of it keeps you from thinking you're hungry when you're actually thirsty. however, at runtime these large assemblies can easily Bloat your program, and also cause versioning issues because they are distributed independently of your application. i will examine what causes this code Bloat, and what can be done to fix it.

20.this is important, as provider Bloat can lead to system performance degradation in the wink system. also results in code Bloat due to the extra instructions required to save function parameters to the stack.

22.we excluded features that only add to the Bloat. addition to Bloat, we also have to consider the change factor.

24.Bloat and torsion require immediate veterinary intervention. from onset to death is considered to be less than an hour.

25.diagnose data modeling problems in the application that contribute to memory Bloat.

26.this pus, if it collects in large enough amounts, will Bloat the etheric body leading to physical "puffiness" and water retention.

27.avoid code clutter and class Bloat in the release package.

28.if so, you've experienced the feeling of Bloat.

29.before leaving , p said : "do not Bloat, maybe we'll meet again in years. " that's the last word i heard from him , i'll never forget.

30.secondly, the footprint of tools has grown over the past few years to the point that the "Bloat" created has become troublesome.

31.if you invoke these services through some model-view-controller framework like struts, you wind up with mvc Bloat as shown in figure 2.

32.if the arguments are large, this can quickly lead to code Bloat.

33.while this can cause Bloat inside an executable, it is important in anti-reverse engineering.

34.but linux as a hypervisor is not without its critics, and much of the criticism comes from arguments of Bloat. a star like our sun is running out of fuel in its core it begins to Bloat into a red giant.

36.included but not limited to: Bloat, pano, ocd, thyroid problems and other immune system and endocrine problems.

37.also, fit supports the inevitable restructuring of code as the system evolves, reducing the difficulty of maintaining, extending or changing code, as well as code Bloat and software entropy.

38.they Bloat up and get filled with fluid and mucus cells.

39.but i think it is very important to keep the modularity to avoid the Bloat that rails has accumulated.