Blast Sentence Examples | Use Blast in a sentence

1.the Blast caused extensive damage to the house

2.clock-radios Blast away until you get up. many of those homes the television is on full Blast 24 hours a day

4.after the Blast, which itself was quite loud, there wasn't any sound to speak of, at least not that i could hear from so far away.

5.the explosion which followed Blasted out the external supporting wall of her flat. armoured column attempted to Blast a path through a barricade of buses and trucks.

7.earlier two holes were Blasted into the ship's hull to let water out and stabilise the ferry's an old 1980s tune, but whenever i have parties at my house, or my friends come over to get ready to go out, we play it full Blast.

9.however, further reflection is possible at the front face of a structure when it is struck by the Blast wave.

10.even the fog had been thrown back by the force of the Blast , which had cleared a great circle open to the sky. are unlikely to run the heater at full Blast for long periods.'s thought that the Blast occurred when volatile chemicals exploded.

13.a blizzard was Blasting great drifts of snow across the lake.

14.a bomb Blast had weakened an area of brick on the back wall

15.he made his deposit, he says, after inspecting the bunker's hardened-steel doors, which are strong enough to repel a tank Blast.

16.Blasting cold air over it makes the water evaporate

17.however, observers said the Blast was either part of an internal conflict within the junta or an attack by a dissenting armed group.

18.the Blast may have vaporised the meteorite.

19.the space shuttle had been scheduled to Blast off at 04:38

20.witnesses at the scene said the Blast was at the camp near the southern lebanesecoastcoastal city of sidon.

21.there is a risk that toxic chemicals might be Blasted into the atmosphere.

22.alan barnett, 28, was Blasted with a sawn-off shotgun in oldham on thursday.

23.look out! we are ready to Blast.

24.maybe it will take a while for the news to sink in, and at the actual ceremony, it might be a Blast.

25.they're using dynamite to Blast away rocks to put a road in.

26.the department of health and a top immunologist have Blasted a report in last week's sunday times.

27.he may try to Blast his way out of trouble, playing attacking shots to balls he would not normally contemplate hitting.

28.making the album was a real Blast.

29.their work was taken up with boring and Blasting rock with gelignite

30.Blast! i can't do anything with this.

31.the police were reported to have Blasted their way into the house using explosives

32.the sound of western music Blasted as she entered. taylor Blasts beck

34.edna leitch survived a gas Blast which brought her home crashing down on top of her.

35.given all of this, if life were to be found on titan, it would Blast away everything we understand about how life works.

36.ramsay Blasted the ball into the back of the net

37.i am not sure whether i was knocked over by the Blast or whether i just fell

38.the Blast caused extensive damage, shattering the ground-floor windows

39."it shook the store that i was in, " he said of the Blast. "then there was smoke and gun powder coming into the store. "