Blast pipe Sentence Examples | Use Blast pipe in a sentence this paper, the design method of hot Blast pipe using allotypic brick for blast furnace is described. order to simplify Blast pipe and distribute the air equably, the static pressure trunk is mounted under ground to supply air.

3.the invention relates to a splice arc Blast pipe and the technology to produce it.

4.dust sample in Blast pipe was collected when centralized air ventilation system was off, the total content of the bacterium and fungus was examined.

5.the static pressure regain Blast pipe equalizing static pressure is applied in blowout wind system of electronic computer

6.application of detonating method for leading Blast pipe in cave blast in wind erosion material yard

7.the advantages of the invention is as following: 1. ensure the bonding point of the four Blast pipe board sound and accurate, 2.

8.development and production of aluminized and coated oxygen Blast pipe

9.the crackle analysis and research of fillet welding of Blast pipe upwards of relief valve

10.simulation research on Blast pipe ′ s static pressure control using neural network in vav system

11.the Blast pipe produced is a arc tube encircled by the left and right Blast pipe board and the top and bottom Blast pipe board.