Blare Sentence Examples | Use Blare in a sentence

1.people have huge shrines in their homes which Blare out a red light from their windows late at night.

2.public loudspeakers in the central square Blare the village anthem hourly: "if you want to see a miracle, come to huaxi. "

3.right now Blare, the clay that splatters falls on their body in succession.

4.kitten down, good for a while staring at mega, see line regiment have no action, quietly onto forward, mi Blare - "let out a cry. "

5.her eyes start to be suffused with water smog, the whole body is numb and feeble to not go, Blare, why her body ambition so acute?

6.the gamut of tones that a voice or an instrument is capable of producing. there was the sound of hammering and the Blare of music from the radio.

7.don't Blare the stereo.

8.a Blare of sunlight flooded the room as he open the shutter this time, suddenly spread a clear and fragile bird to Blare in the sky. horns Blare far more blatantly in shanghai than they ever do in hong kong.

11.don't let your television Blare so as to disturb your neighbors.

12.upbeat patriotic songs Blare on street corners and cars plastered with qadhafi portraits speed around, sounding their horns.

13.then, with a Blare of trumpets and a banging of drums, the show began.

14.the visual images are really powerful and in the hotels and restaurants the televisions Blare, often with some religious person motivating a large audience.

15.the Blare of the speaker burst upon our ears.'s not allowed to Blare horns here, those who fail to obey the regulation will be fined. Blared from the flat behind me

18.want trigger to be buckled only, Blare, blood and fire can braid sad anadem.

19.their wishes become the Blare of the crackers and colorful flash of the firework into the air and spread faraway. the theme to the lion king begins to Blare over the sound system, a diminutive figure rises through the stage floor.

21.the Blare of horn can be heard in the distance. dombey so erect and solemn, gazing at the Blare; his little image, with an old, old face, peering into the red perspective with the fixed and rapt attention of a sage.

23.which will put pressure on the federation and could widen the confrontation. the Blare of the speaker burst upon our ears.

24.perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one's life with pomp and Blare, like a gay knight riding down.

25.the music begins with a Blare of trumpets.

26.the note became a strident Blare.

27.hoisting technique used in changing inner barrel of a Blare stack supported with tower mast

28.waving the wings, rising a few feet every day, it may one day happen to find itself soaring high above, facing the Blare of the sun and made its own voice pierce into the peaceful sky. really also ruthlessness, Blare . . . . . . if lead son in this case, will the aunt can't accompany her to talk to dissipate sorrows?

30.a Blare of sound, a roar of life, a vast array of human hives, appeal to the astonished senses in equivocal terms.

31.another Blare of trumpets signaled that the limousine carrying brezhnev had entered the southwest gate .

32.there came the Blare of a brass band.

33.there was the sound of hammering and the Blare of music from the radio.