Blankness Sentence Examples | Use Blankness in a sentence

1.this paper gives the method of difference modeling on vary interval dynamic data, it discuss the modeling forecasting of dynamic serial of Blankness and gurgitation type.

2.a paper of Blankness i'm facing.

3.the causes of the Blankness used in poem translation are analyzed in part four.

4.Blankness, digs out the light from heart.

5.into this Blankness , i will set a conceptual axis, which would bring a sense of 'centrality' of the world into the site.

6.whoever does not know mutualism of Blankness or conception beyond image, can not comprehend characteristics of chinese painting.

7.this thesis aims at the study of the external context of Blankness and indeterminacy and takes a new look at the'chinese traditional aesthetic translation idea.

8.consequently, the historicist reading, particularly a new historicist one, is left over to quite a Blankness.

9.she thought the deliberate Blankness between the line represented the thing that david was reluctant to tell her

10.what if, when he had bidden may welland to open hers, they could only look out blankly at Blankness?

11.will you give me the same Blankness in later?

12.constructional "Blankness" as the organic part of literary images'structure dominates the process which influence each other between the articles and readers and decides the structural construction of literary images'obscurity.

13.but i don't would like to believe love is dissipation when vacuity and a game when Blankness; life at all, the Blankness of the grave was preferable to the pangs gnawing continually at her heart.

15.this engineering has past the experts check up, and filled up the industrialization Blankness in the part of china.

16.this paper attempts to summarize the current condition of the campus culture in universities of finance and economy into uniqueness, weakness, deviation and Blankness, and it cannot play its instructive and exemplary functions of formative influence on students. one of the aesthetics strategies, the Blankness and ambiquity are represented in three aspects: lansign, artistic image and implication.

18.the virtual space that the Blankness formed brings people much room to imagine and gain the relaxation of the sense of sight.

19.long-time Blankness will turn into blindness.

20.she thinks the deliberate Blankness between the line represent the thing that david is reluctant to tell her.

21.from the "pen and ink"," poetry and print"," Blankness" and "the mood of a literary work" of the tradition.

22.Blankness is one specific poetical way for litterateurs to seek perfection of literature works.

23.what is the significance of this Blankness and what, by analogy, are the implications for understanding the elaborate shield of aeneas in book viii?

24.bored with the Blankness of the long winter, he move to florida. current legal system of china, ambiguities and Blankness still exist in the fields of compulsory contracting.

26.the music left only this bad hurt in her and a Blankness.'s too terrible about this status, i waste my time for another day, i will feel Blankness when i have nothing to do.

28.the incompleteness, uncertainty and fragment of literary images 'perceptive form are varied forms which from the embodiment of constructional "Blankness" in literary images., that's present in all of these moments, but equally present i want to get back to this sense of Blankness.

30.the aesthetic view and value judgement of chinese painting were affected directly by the philosophy of lao-tzu and chuang-tzu, which resulted in the formation of new art form such as mutualism of Blankness and fullness and beauty from Blankness.

31.lift our country from the state of “ poverty and Blankness ”.

32.but it was the look of destroyed Blankness on wang's face that was so arresting, suggesting that all memory of being human had been erased from her.

33.the process of translation is actually a dynamic process of understanding and representing the Blankness.

34.therefore, students will learn better if artistic Blankness can be used in classical poetry teaching, when arranged well.

35.the philosophic origin and esthetic value of the Blankness on chinese painting

36.m: the Blankness of deep sleep is due entirely to the lack of specific memories.

37.but you can feel the weight of what he's been through in his Blankness, his emptied-out eyes.

38.with this method, a reasonable result has been gotten through analyzing a classical structure of rf switch, and which have made up the international Blankness in the related field.