Blankly Sentence Examples | Use Blankly in a sentence

1.most of them walked with downcast eyes or staring Blankly straight in front of them.

2.he stared at her Blankly.

3.he stared at me Blankly, questioning the sounds that came out of my mouth.

4.she sat down and stared at him Blankly. some woman? i repeated Blankly.

6.she said nothing but sat there staring Blankly.; she said nothing but sat there as if in a trance.

7.then he sat back in a crouch, legs shaking a little. his eyes, glazed and half-shut, stared Blankly at the floor. she sat down on the edge of the bed, looking Blankly around, and presently began to undress.

9.he stood there staring Blankly, saying nothing.

10.she looks at him Blankly, as if she hadn't fully expected to see him.

11.finally Blankly smiled and looked at the little dolls that little doll is what i want little guardian angel.

12.the man was standing in front of the soap selection , staring Blankly as if he ' d never had to choose a bar of soap in his life.

13.i sat frozen in my seat, staring Blankly after him.

14.the colonel stood still and gazed at it Blankly.

15.when ryan's mom heard about the plan, she stared at him Blankly: "i've never even seen you clean your room! " night i sat on the front steps and stared Blankly at the passing people, wagons, cars.

17.he is staring Blankly, we do not know what's on his mind.

18.after a morning of painstaking effort, they still haven't gotten my drift, staring at me Blankly and driving me up the wall.

19.i sat inside for a while, just staring out the windshield Blankly.

20.speechless, she stared Blankly at her mother.

21.she took out the plate, stared Blankly at the dried-up food on it, and tipped it into the bin

22.her eyes dulled and she gazed Blankly

23.he remembered the general's pale baleful eyes staring at him Blankly , and then the inexplicable wink.

24.he lay still, staring Blankly at the ceiling.

25.we stand round Blankly as walls.

26.he kept staring Blankly at the three foreigners.

27.the five-year-old son looked at me Blankly : we have to move it, why do not even drink milk, and i do not want to understand how?

28.i sat quietly, staring Blankly ahead.

29.the general had looked at hearn Blankly.

30.oscar met her eyes Blankly.

31.when i greeted him warmly he stared back Blankly, evidently confident that we had never met. friend eyed me Blankly, looked perplexed.

33.tom and i looked at each other Blankly.'ve been staring Blankly out of the window for several minutes; a penny for your thoughts.

35.this tall, well-groomed man sank even deeper into his chair and stared Blankly at a spot on the wall ahead of him.

36.tom looked at him Blankly.

37.i looked at him Blankly.

38.don't stay here staring Blankly, we are running out of time. my surprise, my father looked at me Blankly.