Blanketing Sentence Examples | Use Blanketing in a sentence

1.obama is already Blanketing north carolina and indiana with campaign ads, spending twice as much as clinton.

2.due to all the reasons mentioned above, this paper has built a jamming power allocation model for distributed Blanketing jamming system and conducted research about each algorithm in different situation, respectively. first, this paper constructed a distributed Blanketing jamming resource allocation model.

3.the experiments and analyses of helium Blanketing effect

4.khan says poor countries need to target help to the poor, rather than Blanketing the economy with price controls or food subsidies, which are expensive and bad for the economy in the long run.

5.the snow started at2:40 a.m., Blanketing the chinese capital and slowing down the traffic in the morning rush hour.

6.the analyses of kinematic process of the helium Blanketing effect ( hbe) were performed., humid air is Blanketing much of the nation this week. officials have declared a heat emergency in parts of ohio, kentucky and indiana. is the chinese culture with its original ecology, Blanketing the lifestyles of the ancient east asia.

9.h2 evolution experiment shows that sdbs can be used as inhibitor for zinc electrode due to its Blanketing effect.

10.the first day of winter is just a day away, but heavy snow is already Blanketing much of the west. power a modern country through renewable energy requires country-scale facilities hundreds of miles of wave turbines, solar panels on every roof, and windmills Blanketing highlands and coastal waters.

12.nitrogen's properties benefit applications such as heat treating atmospheres, Blanketing atmospheres, propellants, pneumatics, purging and pressurizing, and analytical carrier gases.

13.sedimentary loading with consequent thermal Blanketing will become major factors.

14.a novel liquid metal Blanketing cu center conductor post design for low aspect ratio tokamak

15.Blanketing social media networks with half-done profiles accomplishes nothing except to annoy the exact people you want to impress: prospective employees trying to find out more about on you.

16.analyzing and the controlling measures for the wrinkling and cracking phenomenon during stretching process of automobile Blanketing pieces

17.thick material Blanketing the super massive black holes might have allowed only the most powerful x-rays to escape, the team surmises.

18.Blanketing either the anode or cathode areas;

19.imaging characteristics of Blanketing jamming to sar q& a on sex

20.efforts were also hampered by thick smoke Blanketing the area.

21.paul forster, co-founder and ceo of the job search site indeed. com, urges candidates to employ measures that separate them from the masses rather than Blanketing the job market with resumes.

22.many of the expressways connecting beijing with other cities were shut down or had restricted access, with several centimeters of snow Blanketing roads.

23.aimed at the sar Blanketing jamming suppression, a method of three-channel cancellation is proposed.

24.with a thick mist now Blanketing the trees, i got thoroughly lost.'s the second day of a sweltering heat wave that's Blanketing the east coast., humid air is Blanketing much of the nation this week., snow and hail are Blanketing the midwestern united states, as part of a massive winter storm expected to be one of the biggest in recent years.

28.the break came as a storm ripped through the west coast, Blanketing the area with snow and heavy rain.

29.heavy snow Blanketing shijiazhuang, hebei, has paralyzed all transport, local authorities said wednesday.

30.i think our dislike for rejuv Blanketing gets oversold on these forums. effective method for treating the Blanketing effect of a non-lte line

32.heavy snow fell overnight in beijing monday, Blanketing the capital and causing flight delays and cancellations, xinhua reported.

33.the equipment can be protected from corrosion by addition of fresh solvent in a timely manner and application of corrosion inhibitors in solvent system and isolation from air ( oil sealing, nitrogen Blanketing, using of internal floating deck).

34.the huge volume of volcanic ash also affected neighboring argentina, Blanketing some towns like snowflakes.

35.during the past several decades, internet is Blanketing people's life in every aspect at a tremendous speed.

36.a damage identification method for the continuum structures with making use of the Blanketing effect is proposed in this paper. with a thick mist now Blanketing the trees, i got thoroughly lost.