Blanket Sentence Examples | Use Blanket in a sentence

1.fold the Blanket back.

2.there's already a Blanket ban on foreign unskilled labour in japan.

3.if he flakes out before i get back, just cover him with a Blanket

4.a huge rattlesnake lay coiled on the Blanket.

5.the baby is enveloped in a Blanket.

6.beijing looks like as if it is covered with a gray Blanket. the sky is always gray.

7.the mole reached out from under his Blanket, felt for the rat's paw in the darkness, and gave it a squeeze.

8.with a thick mist now Blanketing the trees, i got thoroughly lost.

9.the mother lapped the child in a Blanket.

10.the stewardess kindly brought me a Blanket.

11.his brother beat out the flames with a Blanket

12.the Blanket needs a good beating.

13.once, before leaving on a long trip, he gave me a rainbow-striped Blanket that lakota friend had given him as a token of appreciation.

14.he covered the inert body with a Blanket.

15.i wrapped a Blanket around myself.

16.he was given only a wooden pallet with a Blanket.

17.scoop the Blanket weed out and use it to line hanging baskets

18.cold damp air brought in the new year under a Blanket of fog.

19.the floor of the balcony was beneath a thick Blanket of dirt, and a grayish piece of wood was leaning against the wall.

20.i don't have a contraption for that kind of situation, unless you want to put a Blanket between the two of you.

21.more than a foot of snow Blanketed parts of michigan

22.she lowers her eyes to the Blanket. "he did it before i even knew what was happening. "

23.the mud disappeared under a Blanket of snow

24.he tossed his Blanket aside and got up

25.a Blanket of silence descended.

26.the Blanket will provide additional warmth and comfort in bed.

27.the Blanket roll has come loose.

28.alan sings with shy intensity, hiding behind the security Blanket of his guitar. seems as if the Blanket of depression is in some way necessary to help them blot out the even greater pain of real life

30.the british government has thrown a Blanket of secrecy over the details

31.the Blanket did not completely cover the bed. budanov ordered his soldiers to wrap her in a Blanket, put her in his armoured personal carrier and take her to his quarters.

33.he saw the corner of a magazine sticking out from under the Blanket

34.there's an extra Blanket in the bottom drawer of the cupboard.

35.the weatherman threw a wet Blanket on our picnic plan when he forecast rain.

36.frequently, emergency liquidity support and Blanket guarantees have been used to contain these crises, not always successfully.

37.once upon a time there was a Blanket. this Blanket had several sheets containing a traditional bedtime story.

38.the missus puts him out on a Blanket in the front yard there, and the kids are supposed to watch him.

39.he covered the child up with a Blanket.