Blanked Sentence Examples | Use Blanked in a sentence

1.the dial is Blanked from a brass plate and two cylindrical feet are soldered below to ensure it holds to the movement.

2.i knew the answer, but i totally Blanked during the test.

3.levers are Blanked out of strip steel.

4.don't ask her any more questions, her mind seems to have Blanked out.

5.his mind Blanked out as he was hit hard and lost consciousness.

6.even if the pirates had been the friendliest men in the world, i suspect rachel would still have Blanked them.

7.hinge leaves are Blanked out of strip steel . a single pass one has now achieved nmo application , stacking and filtering suitably Blanked .

9.punching and stamping. burr on Blanked or punched metallic parts. maximum allowable burr height and measuring method.

10.then he slides into the stupor of the disease that has Blanked his memory .