Blank Sentence Examples | Use Blank in a sentence in a year in wasted another years, look back at the years passed, the busy, but it is kind of a Blank!

2.he looked at me in Blank amazement.

3.i found a pencil and some Blank paper in her desk

4.his daughter gave him a Blank look.

5.he took it home and eagerly opened it - only to find that every one of its pages was Blank. orders on the final day were to avoid the dreaded Blank at all costs.

7."china is not the Blank canvas that you imagine, " panesar said. "we're just crawling really, but we're here for the long haul. "

8.the questionnaire is anonymous. please fill out the Blank with your actual situation. thank you for your support and participation!

9.abbot looked Blank. 'i don't quite follow, sir.'

10.i was trying to Blank out previous situations from my mind.

11.cadets are having to use football rattles to simulate gunfire because Blank ammunition is too costly.

12.he tore a Blank page from his notebook.

13.the results showed that 7.2% of the voters cast Blank or spoiled ballots.

14.i recognized the Blank, resentful stare of incomprehension in her eyes, and the selfish, hard set of the corners of her mouth.

15.leave two Blank spaces at the beginning of each paragraph.

16.the total comes to $102. 91, " said the checker. i didn't bat an eye. the pen ran over that Blank check faster than i could legibly write. "

17.i recognized the Blank, resentful stare of incomprehension in her eyes.

18.fill the Blank spaces with right words.

19.we could put some of the pictures over on that Blank wall over there

20.when they found us guilty, i just went Blank. patterson was asked point Blank if he would resign.

22.he had murdered perceval at point Blank range with a single shot

23.i learned to Blank those feelings out

24.write your letter and seal it in a Blank envelope would be a bit like experiencing a supernova explosion, but at point-Blank range and for millions of years at a time.

26.he was, in a sense, given a Blank cheque to negotiate the new south africa.

27.they drew a Blank in their search for the driver.

28.i'm sorry, but my mind is a Blank

29.the thunder of the sea on the rocks seemed to Blank out other thoughts

30.they shot him at point Blank range with an automatic rifle

31.the army apparently refused point Blank to do what was required of them

32.he had a still, almost Blank face in repose

33.the death of her husband left a big Blank in her life.

34.his expressions varied from poker-faced to Blank

35.but related question of circulation economy system evolution and power research at present is still Blank.

36.we are not prepared to write a Blank cheque for companies that have run into trouble.

37.this time a piece of my brain Blank that he did not survive when the opportunity ----.

38.i came round in hospital and did not know where i was. everything was a complete Blank.

39.put a word in each Blank to complete the sentence. mind went totally Blank.