Bland Sentence Examples | Use Bland in a sentence discuss Bland topics and end the conversation with no real outcome.

2.ordered curry as a departure from his usual Bland diet.

3.but all the emperor's statements have to be approved by the prime minister's office. not surprisingly, most of what he says is Bland.

4.vegetarian dishes are sometimes Bland but the food here has lots of flavour.

5.can be more Bland treatment to the people and things around.

6.i donot like Bland food.

7.all that was left was the Bland suggestion that china seek instead to be one member of an international community of great nations.

8.a pudding smothered in cream a Bland custard or pudding especially of oatmeal.

9.his reply to the question was just a string of Bland generalities.` re tasting a iittle Bland, lover.

11.serle has a Blander personality than howard

12.perhaps another reason for the decline is the soup itself, which is often described as Bland, at least for western palates.

13.first and foremost, the middle is average, boring, Bland, etc.

14.this cheese is rather Bland.

15.the result has been a profusion of Bland slogans that have come to stand for sustainable development and a greener approach to growth.

16.there's just one problem: it tastes remarkably Bland.

17.i'm so fed up with the Bland food.

18.the scar added interest to a face that otherwise would have appeared too Bland.

19.a warm spring breeze is Bland.

20.we thought the fomc statement would be fairly Bland, and it was.

21.some type of Bland soap and warm water may be used for initial cleaning.

22.a Bland diet; insipid hospital food; flavorless supermarket tomatoes; vapid beer; vapid tea.

23.but all that clatter may also drown out the taste of your food, making it more Bland.

24.the doctor said you should try to avoid greasy food and have a Bland diet these two days.

25.insects fed on a Bland diet would show their real biotic potential.

26.Bland, banal music tinkled discreetly from hidden loudspeakers.

27.he eats only Bland food because of his ulcer.

28.his looks are Bland, his voice is soft and he would be the first to admit that he is not much of a public speaker.

29.the sick woman had only Bland food.

30.i prefer staying at boutique hotels to Bland chains, and using a family-owned printer when i can.

31.told him that i thought they were rather Bland and unimaginative. functional, like a penis. no, i didn't say that.

32.the next time you step up to the deli counter, remember this: Bland white bread can't compete with hearty whole wheat in taste or nutrition. sounds like an advert: easy on the ear but Bland and forgettable. tasted Bland and insipid, like warmed cardboard.

35.however, if this recommendation is adopted, food will become almost insufferably Bland for most americans and europeans. could she tell what went on in the mind behind the Bland dark face?

37.he ate a Bland diet because of his colitis.

38.shirley: at least, it is better than my boxed lunch at work. i'm so fed up with the Bland food. thank you for having lunch with me! make the Bland taste more interesting, the locals began perking it up with local produce this seems to be nothing more than to add a little foreign glamour to a Bland shoe-sale sign.