Blanched Sentence Examples | Use Blanched in a sentence

1.his face Blanched as he looked at sharpe's blood-drenched uniform

2.they eat anything from Blanched spinach, zucchini, algae wafers, shrimp feeding is best done once a day.

3.spread the Blanched almonds in a roasting pan and dry them out for 5 minutes in a 35o-degree oven.

4.everything he had said had been a mistake. he Blanched at his miscalculations

5.first potatoes are harvested from fields before being peeled, cut and Blanched.

6."she'll lose that leg, " enzo heard one of the emts, whose face was Blanched white from the cold, say.

7.the long illness has Blanched her cheeks.

8.his lips were bluish, his cheeks Blanched.

9.the iron duke remained calm, but his lips Blanched.

10.most major magazine publishers, when shown this screen by apple (aapl) representatives, Blanched.

11.widely cultivated herb with leaves valued as salad green ; either curly serrated leaves or broad flat ones that are usually Blanched .

12.their faces Blanched in terror. i was dreadful to see him lying there white as a sheet and in such a pain.

13.incessant plastic surgery and Blanched skin gave him a bizarre, ghoulish look.

14.the colonel's face suddenly Blanched, as if a shell had fallen beside him.

15.tom Blanched and dropped his eyes.

16.edgar sprang to his unbidden guest, Blanched with astonishment and rage.

17.some backbenchers also Blanched at the micro-managing zeal with which mr osborne announced a slew of infrastructure projects both large and tiny ( see article).

18.the men returned, their faces Blanched.

19.this could help primates tell if a potential mate is rosy from good health or if an enemy is Blanched with alarm.

20.most major magazine publishers, when shown this screen by apple ( aapl) representatives, Blanched.

21.the gingival tissue, however should not remain Blanched. a few seconds she stretched herself out stiff, and turned up her eyes, while her cheeks, at once Blanched and livid, assumed the aspect of death. the sight of cowperwood he actually Blanched.

24.the stewed pork on rice, with fish-ball soup and Blanched taiwanese-style greens topped with minced garlic, are recommended.

25.a gas-station attendant, his face Blanched with fear, sees it and screams; all we see is his body being jerked out of the frame.

26.with Blanched cheeks, she signaled her mother to come inside the door of a vacant room.

27.their faces Blanched in terror.

28.but even he might have Blanched in disbelief considering the current state and potential horror of its consequences.

29.only parts eaten are roots and especially stalks ( Blanched and used as celery); related to artichokes.

30.andrea blushed imperceptibly. her cheeks Blanched slightly.

31.he turned round, sounding a little more conciliatory. her cheeks Blanched slightly.

32.the girl Blanched with fear when she saw the bear coming.

33.he Blanched at the sight of the snake.

34.she Blanched to hear the bad news.

35.her face Blanched with fear at the news of her daughter's accident.

36.the creditors the 18 other eurozone countries, the european central bank and the international monetary fund Blanched.

37.he Blanched at the news.