Blackwood Sentence Examples | Use Blackwood in a sentence

1.they noticed that the elephant was limping, and then they saw the long Blackwood splinter sticking out of his swollen foot.

2.only later he put the bracken girl aside and took up with a Blackwood, was that the way of it?

3.three days after Blackwood's execution, his tomb is found shattered from the inside out, and an eyewitness reports seeing Blackwood walking away. Blackwood kept the old gods, and worshiped as the first men had in the days before the andals came to westeros.

5.Blackwood's solar was on the second floor of a cavernous timber keep. there was a fire burning in the hearth when they entered.

6.Blackwood settled in a high-backed chair. "for honor's sake i must ask about my liege lord."

7.four different materials feature different qualities, styles include african Blackwood, cocobolo, camatillo and ebony.

8.if all strangers here, many Blackwood cliff little island beach ", how can fishing-boats light and bethuel bang " homesickness sentiment.

9.the Blackwood boy would tell him if he asked, but that would spoil the mystery.

10.though some might say that lord Blackwood has been more honorable.

11.lord Blackwood shall be required to confess his treason and abjure his allegiance to the starks and tullys. he stepped into a pile of shavings, a long Blackwood splinter pierced his foot.

13.master Blackwood, we would have no problem this time.

14.the castle dominated the broad fertile valley that maps and men alike called Blackwood vale.

15."we agree on that much." Blackwood's voice gave nothing away. "what have you done with ser brynden, if i may ask?"

16.the company will welcome colleagues at home and abroad to order and cooperate in development of Blackwood furniture cause.

17.very dark wood of any of several Blackwood trees.

18.rooting and transplantation of Blackwood.

19.the establishment of Blackwood calli system.

20.the company is an industrial company producing specially Blackwood furniture, handicraft carving and high class of office furniture.

21.the kinds of wood carving are mainly whitewood, Blackwood and boxwood carvings.

22.walder frey's fourth wife was a Blackwood, but kinship counts for no more than guest right at the twins.

23."diva premium vodka" is triple distilled vodka produced by the Blackwood distillers of scotland.

24.holmes, watson, and police inspector lestrade find Blackwood's coffin contains the body of the red-haired midget.

25.with mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, melons and fruits, insects and fishes as subjects, the artisans can carve vases, fruit baskets, smoking sets and furniture out of the Blackwood.