Blacks Sentence Examples | Use Blacks in a sentence comrades did not notice that the Blacks took none of it themselves, and ate greedily. some western countries Blacks used be segregate from whites in churches and schools.

3.the fear of Blacks with guns was one of the reasons behind the supreme court's notorious decision in the dred scott case.

4.they said the new state governments of the south would not treat Blacks as free and equal citizens., for many Blacks, Blacks themselves seem to be denigrating it by flooding the market with trash novels no better than mickey spillane.

6.he says the new document will guarantee fairness for Blacks in georgia.

7.the Blacks moved to shanghai last month.

8.the era of affirmative action, or preferential treatment for Blacks, seems to be drawing to a close.

9.Blacks, asians, whites& we all live in the same community.

10.however, her religious belief determined that she sympathized with the Blacks and that she held abomination in racialism.

11.the notion that Blacks comprise a problem is at the core of racist reasoning.

12.Blacks and whites went to different schools, ate at different restaurants, even drank from different water fountains.

13.president roosevelt reacted by issuing an order that made it a crime to deny Blacks a chance for jobs in defense industries.

14.Blacks have a different skeletal structure in the ankle and foot.

15.aduh: and then poor whites, Blacks and women got the right to vote. i know.

16.large majorities of white americans say Blacks have the same opportunities as whites in housing, education and employment.

17.there are about thirty-one million Blacks in the us., he argues, is a black continent, a place where Blacks deserves not just a piece of pie, but most of it.

19.the study showed significantly higher numbers of Blacks and women in lower socioeconomic positions than whites and men. jackson had a natural constituency among american Blacks

21.the Blacks and the whites were no longer separated in the public places.

22.the author defends herself against charges of racism by noting that Blacks are only one of her targets

23.Blacks began to grumble and feel threatened; they wondered if once again they were about to be passed over by those who'd just arrived.

24.bill bradley says too much is going unsaid between Blacks and whites.

25.that includes increasing their appeal to Blacks, hispanics, women and the poor.

26.i'm more into browns, whites and Blacks.

27.Blacks and whites often intermarried.

28.by2060 or earlier, hispanics and Blacks will be a majority in america.

29.the racial relationship between the american whites and Blacks has always been an important issue in american society.

30.discrimination against Blacks is still common. the time, morehouse was one of the few southern colleges that accepted Blacks.

32.Blacks have been hurt by racial inequalities in housing and education.

33.a leaf before the eye shuts out mount tai--have one's view of the important overshadowed by the trivial.; a single leaf before the eye Blacks out the view of a mountain.

34.he was a champion for latinos and Blacks within the educational system.

35.moreover, Blacks and whites are not the only racial groups struggling to get along.

36.neither of us has anything to say to Blacks, or to other groups who have been shunted aside by american society.

37.these early content analyses found Blacks to be underrepresented compared to their numbers in the real world. the radical Blacks of the sixties, he was an uncle tom.

39.and the Blacks and the browns are the slaves.

40.after the abolition of slavery, many Blacks in america were liberated.