Blackness Sentence Examples | Use Blackness in a sentence

1.these eyes do not see what you and i see. behind these eyes one finds only Blackness, they absence of light, these are of a psychopath.

2.the river's glistening Blackness.

3.beyond the light of the fire everything was swallowed up in the Blackness of darkness.

4.she turned drowsily on her side, a slow creeping Blackness enveloping her mind. might have been black, but a floating sheen mottled the Blackness, a crawling gray like oil on dark water. the evening i can look straight into it without getting the Blackness.

7.they did it under the cloak of darkness. the coach dissolved into the Blackness.

8.a terrifying scream in the Blackness of the night made my blood run cold. the smell of petrol filled his nose in the pitch-Blackness of the vehicle, he began to cry like a baby.

10.if one day i can see Blackness only.

11.i dreamt about Blackness because i don't dream. i just fall asleep, see black, and wake up.

12.everything was swallowed up in the Blackness of darkness.

13.the twilight had turned to a deep Blackness. took a while for his eyes to adjust to the inky Blackness.

15.with the clear perception of my plight, there fell upon me a Blackness of despair.

16.the Blackness of the night, meteor lit up, lit the moist eyes.

17.a blue shimmer played along the edge, marking it out from the Blackness of the sky.

18.a volcano belches smoke and ashes. the mountains were shadowing into Blackness. in almost total Blackness tonight.

20.two is to reduce soot initial emissions and Blackness.

21.there it was again-sudden burst of fire and then Blackness.

22.but somewhere in the chilling Blackness she caught a glims of light. the last rays of daylight dwindled and disappeared, absolute Blackness settled down on treasure island.

24.there was a wall of Blackness in front of you, and a roaring sound in your ears.

25.then they were gone, melting into the jungle Blackness. seemed as if he thought a while, for now he arose and turned the gas out, standing calmly in the Blackness, hidden from view.

27.the earth reminded us of a christmas tree ornament hanging in the Blackness of space. Blackness will beat that kid.

29.the Blackness of the forest at night frightened him.

30.the Blackness was a choking thing that pressed down on him, squeezing out his breath.

31.its Blackness has no connection with the sublime Blackness of the inkstand.

32.he was very tall, with a dark, spanish complexion, fine , expressive black eyes, and close-curling hair , also of a glossy Blackness.

33.Blackness, black racialism and modernity& the race in toni morrison's novels

34.she looked in the direction of the window, but there was nothing in front of her eyes other than the deep Blackness.

35.Blackness turns all output black.

36.the pictures clearly show a vast white city floating eerily in the Blackness of space.

37.a place of pitch Blackness.'s quite a view. they came from the Blackness. whould you not feel my Blackness?