Blackleg Sentence Examples | Use Blackleg in a sentence

1.also known as Blackleg, emphysematous carbuncle is acute, a febrile infectious diseases of ruminant animals which caused by clostridium chauvoei. not only had effective controlled to sugarbeet Blackleg but also had the role in increasing yield and sugar content by seed dressing with qiang xiu ning and zeng chan jun mixed.

3.the tendency of ca~ ( 2+) inflow was shown during green rot disease. of green leaves, thickness of blade, content of chlorophyll, resistant to Blackleg and root rot were improved.

4.a study on the role of diseased tissue in spreading potato Blackleg disease the process of cultivation, the chinese cabbage production always suffers from diseases such as black rot, Blackleg, club root and so on, affecting the yield and the quality seriously.

6.biological organic fertilizer processing will possibly aggravate Blackleg's occurrence;

7.studies on the rapid detection methods of Blackleg and bacterial ring rot of potato in breeding materials

8.concurrent immunization for Blackleg and malignant edema is recommended it is a small pastry brush with which berger gently wipes the top of every main course whether it is the more expensive sea bass with fennel, the Blackleg chicken with morels or the sausages served with mash.

10.detection of potato Blackleg by real-time quantitative pcr