Blackening Sentence Examples | Use Blackening in a sentence

1.bath formulas of Blackening pretreatment and manganese series phosphating at mid-temperature were introduced.

2.during lunch the clouds started to advance, slinking across the blue sky, darting in front of the sun momentarily, casting long shadows across the beach, and Blackening the waves.

3.a solution of conductor Blackening of film lapped wire

4.high-frequency preheat functions ic, greatly extend the lamp's working life, so that long-term use without lamp Blackening.

5.this custom is called the "Blackening of the bride" , a very old scottish tradition; some say even older than sean connery himself.

6.the married women of shitamachi maintained the custom of Blackening their teeth i wouldn't stand for this Blackening of our name. process of Blackening surfaces of iron and steel at room temperature and its possibleBlackening mechanism are stated.

9.the abrupt Blackening was the first part of a nationwide program to make british television entirely digital by2013.

10.the fundamental of Blackening of brass by oxidation was described.

11.the Blackening agent for tin contains ammonium hydrogen fluoride, and is stable without peculiar smell; it is totally suitable for automatic production with no need of ventilation.

12.the technique of combined treatments applying chrome plating to the rod and Blackening to the head for screwdrivers are investigated.

13.that it would shower, with a sky so full of Blackening thunder-clouds, would scarcely be thought worthy of comment.

14.there had at first been exercised against m.madeleine, in virtue of a sort of law which all those who rise must submit to, Blackening and calumnies;

15.if this product Blackening a bit, do not affect usage effect.

16.progress of bioremediation for controlling Blackening and stink of rivers

17.the development and application of dd-921 room temperature iron and steel Blackening agent

18.the blast left a gaping hole in the front window and shattered a glass door, twisting and Blackening its metal frame. the spring fire swept across the hills, Blackening them.

20.flames were coming from a human being; his body was slowly withering and shriveling up, his head Blackening and charring.

21.the abrupt Blackening was the first part of a nationwide program to make british television entirely digital by 2013.

22.the procedure, properties of solution and Blackening coating were discussed.

23.the trees died and dried, and then the sun came and scorched them, Blackening the wood for all time.

24.formulas and technology of steel Blackening at room temperature have been studied.

25.research on surface Blackening process and mechanism of titanium alloys

26.a newly developed high efficient degreasing and rust removing solution for pre Blackening treatment of high strength bolt is presented.

27.quite significantly, there was no Blackening of the emulsion at the mirror's surface.

28.the cap for fixing and Blackening hair by medicine is composed of a cap immersed by the medicine, a moisture-proof plastic cap cover, etc.

29.the results show that appropriate Blackening agent and addition of phosphate both can improve the appearance of the passivation film.

30.a newly developed Blackening process which fitted for Blackening of different stainless steel was introduced.

31.Blackening method and principle are discussed. the properties of the organic Blackening film are measured.

32.dawn comes and you see its path-the glistening leaf, the gloaming stem, the limp, Blackening garden vine.

33.behaviors of copper in Blackening bath without selenium were studied.

34.he is always Blackening others' character by insinuation.

35.are introduced the electroless Blackening nickel plating technology and its properties.

36.i.choose the correct answer and write it on the answer sheet by Blackening the corresponding letter only one answer is correct. ( 20 points)

37.the output signal from the detector may be the Blackening of a photographic emulsion.

38.a test of lower middle temperature Blackening on steel part was introduced.