Black-hearted Sentence Examples | Use Black-hearted in a sentence

1.the king had a new wife, but she was Black-hearted.

2.i shall die if i do not get her-false, proud, Black-hearted daughter of a dog that she is!

3.the women's disaster is not fell in love with a Black-hearted dog, but missed a wood who loves her sincerely.

4.'i've been a bad, Black-hearted man, but this woman, dead as she is, is more to me than you ever were, or are, or can be.

5.scarlett: you're a conceited, Black-hearted varmint, rhett butler, and i don't know why i let you come and seeme.

6.that Black-hearted turncoat vader! this is how he honors his deals!

7.Black-hearted boss, ah, the machine tune too dead, two extensions can be input into this.

8.although the monkey king had severely penalized the Black-hearted abbot, he lost the master's cassock once again.

9.this is the most Black-hearted thing you have ever done, nelle harper lee.

10.e. that man is a Black-hearted villain.

11."you are a clever, Black-hearted wretch, rhett butler, and you know very well this bonnet's too pretty to be refused."