Birthing Sentence Examples | Use Birthing in a sentence present, the most pressing needs are surgical supplies, including Birthing tables, operating tables, surgical lighting, and anesthesia equipment. date, studies do not show harmful effects from the pandemic influenza vaccine with respect to pregnancy, fertility, or a developing embryo or fetus, Birthing or post-natal development.

3.then, in 1923, an entrepreneurial delaware woman named celia steele began sending the first broilers to new york, Birthing a multibillion-dollar industry.

4.tubs with or without massaging jets are available at many Birthing centers and some hospitals.

5.this pygmy chimp almost didn't make it with zoo vets worried about her mother during the Birthing process.

6.they met at national childbirth trust antenatal classes, which usually involve a lot of tea, biscuits and advice on Birthing positions and pain relief. there is not usually much time for chatting about work and business.

7.when the baby is born, the parents collect as much of these extraneous Birthing materials as possible, placing them in a coconut shell and burying it by the front door of the family's house.

8.uh, it's more of your Birthing record.

9.that which is alive within you and in affinity with this will feel a rush as you consider that you are Birthing this new world.

10.what if i progress so quickly that i don't make it to the hospital or Birthing center in time?

11.i am collecting these kinds of my memories and wondering if i am a demon from my Birthing.

12.with all of the forces of light working with you that achievement looms large, and already its Birthing pangs are being felt.

13.she is ready to give birth and like a Birthing partner i stand by her side giving her all the encouragement she needs to push.

14.a more active role for you and your Birthing partner in the birth of your child.

15.Birthing from the may 4th new civilization movement, chinese modern poetry has unique modern characteristics and humanistic spirit.

16.angiogenin is very important physiologic function on normal tissue growth and rebuilding. furthermore, it possibilitily takes part in Birthing new vein of the tissue of tumour, and acts the pathology in transferring tumour.

17.the differences of the chl change in different Birthing periods are not obvious. colleague recently sent me an e-mail about a work matter as she was being wheeled into the delivery room, so to have the baby in a Birthing pool on the floor at the office would seem the logical next step.

19.did you have restricted airflow when you were in the Birthing canal?

20.they convince you, by continuously putting these issues before you, that a woman has no control over the Birthing process in her body.

21.[ objective] to explore the relationship of premature rupture of membranes to Birthing maniers, complication of mother and infant and method to solve.

22.the hospital has pioneered the use of Birthing pools. that one of those Birthing tanks?

24.but the safety of staying in a tub during the Birthing stage hasn't been established& prompting some doctors to urge caution.

25.the following day she went into the Birthing centre she had chosen but she was discharged because she was only in the early stages of labour.

26.thus the woman misses out on the natural Birthing experience.

27.i cannot remember when merlin first found me here, but it is not so strange, given our Birthing together so long ago.

28.for home births, women can use a bathtub or rent a Birthing tub for about$ 200 to$ 300.

29.for a starter, i have no Birthing plan and do not intend to draft one.

30.that was your errand? you're Birthing a horse?

31.there seems to be a connection between mother and baby from the Birthing process itself.

32.i spent countless hours Birthing both. it was an expensive reality, ultimately costing millions and absorbing every ounce of my energy. that all measures are in place we are urging her to bite the bullet and push so that this Birthing may get well under way.

34.research has shown that activation of the transverses abdominus also activates the pelvic floor, keeping these muscles strong and supple for the Birthing process.

35.for many women, ac-section may be the only alternative but a new study warns that when used too early, this Birthing method may cause health risks for the baby.

36.i'll sit on the Birthing ball.

37.birth doulas advise on Birthing techniques and serve as the mother's advocate during labor.