Birthday Sentence Examples | Use Birthday in a sentence

1.i took some photos with her camera on my Birthday

2.i bought a Birthday present for my mother happens to be mother's Birthday.

4.e. g. he had no more than one yuan with him. what could he buy his wife for her Birthday?

5.for my thirtieth Birthday, my friends clubbed together and bought me a watch.

6.john just told me that your Birthday is on the same day as mine.

7.we threw a huge Birthday party

8.her forty-fourth Birthday had just passed, unnoticed by all but herself.

9.when we held a Birthday party for our two-year-old daughter several months ago, i had a bit of a shock.

10.she invited him to her 26th Birthday party in new jersey

11.happy Birthday, sweetheart.

12.she received a cosmetic makeover at a beauty salon as a Birthday gift.

13.we got engaged on my eighteenth Birthday

14.even if he's not able to attend his grandmother's Birthday party, she would send him a lovely gift. tom believe this.

15.he was abashed at forgetting his wife's Birthday.

16.i might buy one for a friend's Birthday as a giggle.

17.i'll make it a Birthday to remember.

18.the first lady said the presidential pooch celebrated his first Birthday earlier this month with a rose garden party.

19.i'm getting a bike for my Birthday grandson's Birthday was on tuesday.

21.i was nearing my nineteenth Birthday and i did not know how to pronounce the word "preface" .

22.she sends me a card on my Birthday.

23.happy Birthday to you!

24.i hate to trouble you, but aunt lina's Birthday is coming up and i would like to buy something nice for her. are at the end of your yearlong cycle, almost ready to start a new Birthday year, and you are ready to start fresh.

26.mike: you know guys, i'm going to make this the best Birthday party ever. i've got an idea. this idea is so great, it even scares me.

27.tom celebrated his 24th Birthday two days ago.

28.we must not forget your Birthday.

29.he asked his daughter what she would like for her Birthday

30.she gave birth to annabel just after her seventeenth Birthday.

31.what else have you had for your Birthday? happened to be my Birthday, and after breakfast i was serenaded by the crew.

33.she never forgets her daddy's Birthday

34.he's been a good sport , but he's weary of danish-made legos, the only sure bet for Birthday gifts for his friends.

35.her children had the best, most elaborate Birthday parties in the neighborhood

36.the children prepared a nice surprise for my Birthday, but i think my wife had a hand in it too.

37.a few years ago a good friend was asked to make a cake for her mother-in-law's father's 90th Birthday.