Birth Sentence Examples | Use Birth in a sentence much of their understanding of and response to the world comes preloaded at Birth?

2."binge drinking has many effects on the next generation through low-Birth weight, Birth defects and sudden infant death syndrome, " he said.

3.since the Birth of his child in recent years, he has adopted an even lower profile, people familiar with the matter said.

4.the adopted child has the right to see his Birth certificate.

5.she gave Birth to annabel just after her seventeenth Birthday.

6.his wife gave Birth to their first child, and he was ecstatic about it

7.america's economy grew more quickly partly because its population rose by almost 1% a year, thanks to immigration and a higher Birth rate.

8.mandy subtracted the date of Birth from the date of death wife was sterilized after the Birth of her fourth child.

10.the Birth of christ was the beginning of a major epoch of world history.

11.she concealed her pregnancy right up to the moment of Birth

12."the general assembly is called upon today to issue a Birth certificate of the reality of the state of palestine, " he said before the vote.

13.she gave Birth to a girl last night.

14.maternity services were to be reduced in consequence of falling Birth rates.

15.her parents were in fact american by Birth.

16.the twins were separated at Birth and brought up in entirely different environments.

17.three months before Birth babies are already responsive to sound.

18.his wife gave Birth to twin girls.

19.his Birth, background and career show that you can make it in this country on merit alone.

20.we registered his Birth

21.premature Birth is the main cause of perinatal mortality.

22.she gave Birth to a boy.

23.she's due to give Birth at any moment. will be asked to fill in a form with details of your Birth and occupation.

25.the prince's destiny was predetermined from the moment of his Birth

26.the registration form showed his date of Birth as august 2, 1979.

27.but he badly needed the money: his wife had just given Birth (also to a daughter), and his nerves were on edge. was the Birth of his grandchildren which gave him greatest pleasure

29."we were dedicated to showing photos and drawings of the whole woman giving Birth, not just a part of her, " pincus wrote.

30.but since the Birth mother has never been to a parade grandmother laoye heart, has always been a tame disobedient cute thoughtful girls.

31.she's just given Birth to a baby girl

32.a baby usually is protected from many diseases for a short time after Birth by an immunity inherited from his mother.

33.i had obtained the authentic details about the Birth of the organization.

34.the next letter announced the Birth of another boy

35.sadrudin was an iranian by Birth.

36.among its many progeny, the 1944 education act gave Birth to the modern youth service.

37.a system ended in the year of her Birth that she knows only from school and from her parents' tales. 1980, strikes at the lenin shipyards gave Birth to the solidarity trade union.

39.poverty and illiteracy go together with high Birth rates.