Binaural Sentence Examples | Use Binaural in a sentence sound simulation usually includes room sound simulation, Binaural signal simulation and similarity simulation. on Binaural auralization quality and it's influenced factors

3.the head, Binaural and y-tubing can choose. is more suitable for the old patients with severe and profound Binaural deafness.

5.methods: baeps of monoaural stimulation, ipsilateral recording and Binaural stimulation, bilateral recording were determined in 30 healthy subjects with normal audition.

6.simulation of Binaural hearing environment is an important approach for the design and assessment of sound fields in buildings or cabins.

7.objective to evaluate the effect of Binaural hearing aids in the old patients with severe and profound deafness.

8.auralization means the process to simulate the audio field from a sound source in a space, and to predict the Binaural listening experience of human in a position in the space.

9.coincidence detection is a general neural mechanism which plays a role in Binaural hearing and, possibly, in intensity coding and pitch extraction as well. is a widespread, misleading myth that Binaural beats and the products that rely on this form of brainwave entrainment are an effective way to enhance the mind and improve mental performance.

11.try Binaural beats in stereo headphones.

12.i-dosing is actually a variation on the phenomenon - "Binaural beats" - found by german physicist heinrich wilhelm dove in 1839. introduction into the underlying principles, software research and applications of the Binaural room simulation is given.

14.the fundamental aspects of Binaural technology are discussed, including the choice of recording points, the equalization of transmission chain and the influence of individual differences on the performance of systems. investigation about hearing threshold and variation of alternate Binaural loudness balance of people with hearing impairment; a study of the impact of the frequency of social interaction on the subjective feeling of happiness of the retirees

16.the effect of unilaterally delayed acoustic stimuli on Binaural interaction was studied in 12 subjects with normal hearing.

17.i-dosing is actually a variation on the phenomenon-"Binaural beats"-found by german physicist heinrich wilhelm dove in1839.

18.Binaural sound localization based on detection of multi-band zero-crossing points

19.method the speech discrimination rates between uniaural and Binaural hearing aids were compared.

20.Binaural beats use slightly different tones in each ear to actually induce a slight change in the listener's brainwaves.

21.the results were analyzed by the combination of better-ear contribution, Binaural effect and etc.

22.finally, if you really don't like to leave the comfort of your computer (hey, who does? ) you might enjoy listening to some Binaural beats.

23.if the regression coefficients can be seen as the gain of Binaural input response and contralateral ear input response, obviously, the size of this gain is determined by the ipsilateral input.

24.Binaural beats are not as effective as volition's imagince entrainment technology methods.

25.describe two factors that contribute to Binaural advantages in speech intelligibility in noise.

26.finally the Binaural sound signal is filtered by the hrir on the continuous sphere space.

27.future study directions on the Binaural processing mechanism were also suggested.

28.alternate Binaural loudness balance test

29.cepstrum coefficient based on Binaural model for vehicle recognition

30.binocular machine vision and Binaural machine hearing reproduce senses of optical and audio direction and distance.

31.deluxe stainless steel dual head(single), with inner spring Binaural tubing assembly.

32.Binaural neurons are sensitive to Binaural stimulation. they receive inputs from bilateral lower nucleus neurons.

33.advantages of frequency specific tri-microphone Binaural wireless hearing aid technology teoae measurement is save time and superior in middle frequency range while dpoae measurement is better frequency specific and superior in the higher frequency.

34.systematic research on this area has not been reported in domestic literatures. first, research progress on auralization and factors affecting auralization quality were reviewed and Binaural room impulse response ( brir) measurement methods were addressed.

35.therefore the experiments provide an example to validate the hypothesis that the Binaural masking effect is the result of the high level auditory system processing Binaural sound signal, and it also hints that by using stereophonic, reproduction speech intelligibility can be improved in communication systems.

36.holosync and hemi-sync both provide high quality Binaural beat technology.

37.according to how many microphones are available in system, the problem is called multi-channel, Binaural, or monaural speech segregation problem.

38.intraoperative monitoring of baeps of Binaural stimulation, bilateral recording were done in16 patients with brain stem tumors.

39.Binaural beats are not capable of entraining the hemispheres individually (because they require both ears).