Billy Sentence Examples | Use Billy in a sentence

1.Billy: isn't that a silly question? you know how much of an athlete i am.

2.he unbolted the shackles on Billy's hands.

3.'we'll go in your car, Billy.' —'whatever you say. '

4.he nipped Billy's cheek with two rough fingers. a rip-off of the hit movie green card, Billy marries one of his students so he can stay in the country. day, goat leg Billy asked him to be allowed to get married with the shepherdess, the chinese doll nodded his head and said yes.

7."you mean you want a divorce now?"" if i get custody of Billy," she said.

8.i'm glad you read the riot act to Billy. he's still a kid and still needs to be told what to do.

9.i was courting Billy at 19 and married him when i was 21

10.Billy turned on a radio to get the sports news.

11.Billy is my junior brother.

12.even better, "captain jack" is now a name that makes you think of Billy joel, a bottle of whiskey or stephen jackson .

13.he poked a long bony finger in Billy's chest.

14.jim bakker told me that when he got out of prison one of the first people to befriend him was franklin graham, the son of Billy graham.

15.Billy started to snivel. his mother smacked his hand.

16.Billy ewing grabbed him by the elbow and took him aside Billy's cafe, the menu is limited and the food is lousy

18.'get under cover!' shouted Billy, and we darted once more for the tables.

19.Billy wanted to keep going, wishing there was no fence to reach or to fix.

20.'oh, if she's vain, Billy smallbury, i'll never be able to look at her! i'm such a shy man, as you know! 'said the other.

21.when Billy asked his sister where she was going, she told him to keep his nose out of her business.

22.'our Billy doesn't eat them ones,' helen said.

23.Billy's eyebrows knitted together in a little frown.

24.general lewis hyde had served under general 'Billy' mitchell

25."he did not! " cried Billy wildcat. "he said, 'ma will never know if we go walking just a little way, ' didn't he, fluffy? "

26.he had asked around and learned that Billy was not yet here. orthodontist took a cast of the inside of Billy's mouth.

28.Billy leaned forward and brushed a speck of dust off his shoes.

29.Billy hardy has pulled out of his second fight against noel carroll after a training accident.

30.Billy is on the side of the angels when it comes to racial tolerance.

31.Billy tends to keep things to himself more and shut himself off

32.howard stark: the rio grande. Billy the kid's resting place. los almos. this and that, you know.

33.Billy bud is lucid and graceful& a quietly assured masterpiece.

34.if you're a Billy crystal fan, you'll love this movie've done a fine job with Billy and joey.

36.Billy sullivan had impressed me as a fine man.

37.Billy bonds has never been one to avoid a scrap.

38.even from behind in silhouette, Billy recognized the figure.

39."fire truck! " yelled five-year-old Billy. his mom had told him his dad was a fireman. when he got older he set fires, hoping to meet dad.

40.the idea that Billy and i are at each other's throats couldn't be further from the truth.