Billow Sentence Examples | Use Billow in a sentence the vast sea of clouds, this mountain is like a Billow. gazing at such a high peak, one feels so tiny we humans are. bone had he to bind him, his speech was like the push of numerous humming-birds at once his countenance a Billow, his fingers, if he pass, let go a music, as of tunes blown tremulous in glass. are like an undulating Billow warmed by the sun.

4.cumulus clouds Billow over the landscape near cedar city, utah. has squared body from the back, yellow sanded Billow. is almost startling to hear this warning of departed time sounding among the tombs, and telling the lapse of the hour, which, like a Billow, has rolled us onward towards the grave.

7.Billow up in the form of a cloud.

8.columbus in navigate, is east originally seek a Billow of treasure have thrown just seek on bed have fun joyfully columbus.

9.due to the devastating winds, heavy rainfall, Billow and storm tide, typhoon is a major threat to ocean ships.

10.the white sails Billow with the breezes they catch.

11.the wind made the lake water Billow onto the beach.

12.step of history march toward modern with china, one the west Billow from the east trader come quietly by tides, this forms enormous pressure and challenge to agricultural nationality in the east, has assaulted the values system of the agricultural civilization formed through the ages.

13.he was supposed to furl the side flaps in the morning. a door shuts with a bang and curtains Billow into the room.

14.steam Billowed out from under the bonnet.

15.i see honours, happiness, success, shining upon every Billow of the dark gulf beneath which i must sink at last.

16.the smoke was beginning to Billow into the room now-yellow, acrid fumes that made elizabeth choke.

17.controls how many cells are imbedded in the medium used by the Billow noise type.

18.the ship was drove up by the Billow and rolled in. it was totally manipulated.

19.try to remember the kind of september when love was an ember about to Billow.

20.from a distance, it looks like a Billow of smoke.

21.her pink dress Billowed out around her.

22.technical onrush always is Billow forward, vast and mighty, cannot hold back.

23.time of surging Billow like a sudden tranquility, and i, quietly standing there, looking past the slow flow of love.

24.the Billow of steam rose from an area where a large upwelling or bulge of rock has been growing on the dome-shaped formation of rock in the crater. wa cover with yellow handkerchiefs20 of them, 30 of them, maybe hundreds, a tree that stood like a banner of welcome Billow in the wind.

26.controls the density randomization of individual cells used by the Billow noise type.

27.she stands out, all alone, on top of the mountain; clouds Billow beneath.

28.the curtains Billowed in the breeze

29.the business is like a leaf of boat in a rough sea, it may be swallow by the Billow anytime when you have no preparation at all. despair, casting about frantically among the magazines, he had sent it to the Billow, a society weekly in san francisco. angry Billow almost swallowed that ship.

32.the walls would begin to Billow like silk, and paradise would shine once again. the house a door shuts with a bang, curtains Billow into the room.

34.gray clouds Billow through the streets of the financial district and shroud the16 acres where the towers had stood just moments before.

35.tsunami is a Billow induced by the earthquake and volcanic eruption in the sea bottom.

36.peking man boasts to henan person: beijing Billow flood is deep, but we still goes, did not do the thing that won't do to million!