Bethought Sentence Examples | Use Bethought in a sentence

1.happily, she Bethought herself of the consequences of what she did, in time to check herself and go back.

2.the shrill voice of the police vehicle was behind them, he Bethought of hijacking the hostage.

3.then they Bethought them of their camels and asses, and hastened to undo their burdens that they might have rest.

4.but never, until now, had she Bethought herself to ask, whether, linked with that design, there might not likewise be a purpose of mercy and beneficence. she Bethought herself, and said, i must go out unto my maid who keeps my thoughts for me.

6.he Bethought himself a moment before giving the answer.

7.rostov only Bethought him of what he ought to have answered when he had gone.

8.martin Bethought himself of the numerous occasions on which he had met judge blount at the morses'and when judge blount had not invited him to dinner.

9.he Bethought himself of his responsibility as head of the house.

10.removing the redundant scheme is the one of important problems that must Bethought in database design.

11.the other evening, feeling rather in want of a headache, i Bethought me that i had not been to a music hall for a time.

12.what she finally Bethought herself of saying was something very different-something that deferred the need of really facing her crisis.

13.really did not know how he is does think, should not be able to Bethought an my china the youngest daughter could give him eats!

14.john has Bethought himself of studying law.

15.presently he Bethought him of a treasure he had and got it out. length she Bethought herself of writing, and inscribed her name-it was a short one-with her hoof on the sand.

17.i Bethought of betsy and tebthy , they were two cats that my husband and i fed .