Betaken Sentence Examples | Use Betaken in a sentence

1.india 'expects that strong action would Betaken against those elements, whosoever they maybe, responsible for this outrage. extensive literature survey for both organization-related theories and tcm will Betaken place.

3.measures should Betaken to solve problems in planning, design, construction and management.

4.the operational factor should Betaken into consideration in bf shape evaluation.

5.this thesis analysis the probability of capture tumour cells, and the cross-interval method of capture is Betaken to capture images. the method distributes the seemly position of captured images, and enhances the probability of gathering tumour cells. improve the performance of bp neural network, some measures should Betaken.

7.the importance, approaches and measures to Betaken to improve the cleanliness of hydraulic system is discussed in this paper. criteria and ideas concerning the cleanliness of overall hydraulic system and hydraulic components are presented.

8.those who are a liability are going to Betaken down post haste. we mean business now and willnot tolerate anyone standing in our way the principle of life education, when the issue on life and death is talked about, life ought to Betaken into considerations, the educational form should be living and moving, open teaching principle should be adhere to.

10.he was nice, " she tells of the Betaken fan. "

11.but anti-rejection medications have had serious side effects and must Betaken for life.

12.and he had Betaken himself to the three dauphins.

13.this ultimate influence does not, for most of the purposes of political economy, require to Betaken into consideration ;

14.the change of course signalled by the government's modest labour-market reform in june will surely have to Betaken further.

15.musculus gastrocnemius and musculus masseter stiff eminence appeared only in group d+ a and group d and could Betaken as the characteristics of morphological changes in the cadavers of dhe induced death; settle down it the key should be that the guidance and participation of the government, plural patterns of share rights and perfection of capital market must Betaken into accounts. extracting tumour karyon method is Betaken to treat tumour cell block as a whole tumour karyon.

18.everyone has his own characteristic value and dignity that has to Betaken seriously in teaching activities.

19.far from wishing to learn whither he has Betaken himself, i should shun the possibility of meeting him as i would a wild beast.

20.every time we launch a new advertising campaign, for example, people inside the company are the first ones to Betaken in by it.

21.the right to be heard does not automatically include the right to Betaken seriously.

22.their lack of humanity and compassion will Betaken into account according to the possibilities for love they had at the time.

23.therefore, the study of teachers 'occupational well-being should Betaken seriously enough.

24.this ultimate influence does not, for most of the purposes of political economy, require to Betaken into consideration;

25.we suggested immediate measures Betaken about it.