Bet Sentence Examples | Use Bet in a sentence

1.i Bet £ 10 on a horse called premonition

2.when she was a sophomore, a boy made a Bet with her to prove which one was Better at playing table tennis.

3.the swiss franc has been a winning Bet this year for investors seeking safety from dueling debt problems in the u. s. and europe.

4.'it's settled, then?' — 'you Bet.'

5.nasa is hedging its Bets and adopting both strategies. can put a Bet on almost anything these days. a tie is a good Bet for dad this year, but a day just hanging out with him might be even Better.

8.'i'd like to ask you something,' i said. — 'i Bet you would,' she grinned.

9.i paid £ 80 to have my car radio fixed and i Bet all they did was change a fuse

10.i'll Bet they'll taste out of this world

11.i'll Bet you walked off with my coat, too.

12.i Bet the soviet brass stood that poor guy up against one of those burned out aircraft and shot him on the spot!

13.the party is Betting that the presidential race will turn into a battle for younger voters

14.there is nothing inherently wonderful about inflated prices, but it is not easy to Bet that prices will fall. is a safe Bet that the current owners will not sell.

16.i Bet he let slip that i'd gone to america. Bet is that next year will be different

18." ira deferred fork: " ready to argue with you, next year in moscow, all of these injuries take place, and i win. i Bet?

19.i'll put a Bet on for you.

20.'money can't buy happiness.' — 'want to Bet?', if i had to guess, i would Bet that we'll see some sort of chrome os Beta launch in december.

22.your best Bet is to choose a guest house.

23.'are you afraid of snakes?' — 'you Bet your life i'm afraid of snakes.'

24.people were Betting on a further easing of credit conditions.

25.'we'll never get a table in there' — 'don't Bet on it.'

26.and i'll close with you on the Bet. i'll wager anything you want that 'ephemera' is accepted either on the first or second offering.

27.i Bet you anything you like he's a pimp's my Bet that he's the guy behind this killing.

29.i'll Bet they have yummy ice cream

30.textiles are a good Bet for a country bent on industrialisation

31.i Bet he doesn't remember a single word

32.i offered to Bet with him.

33.jockeys are forbidden to Bet on the outcome of races

34.the pretty young blonde thinks " i Bet the frenchman tried to fondle me in the dark, got the old lady by mistake, and she hit him. "

35.i Bet sue gave you an earful when you got home.

36.uncertainty over prices, he says, means that companies do not know which technologies to Bet on for future products.

37.i Bet you make breakfast and wash up their plates, too. can Bet she will be there.

39.i Bet you were good at games when you were at school