Bestriding Sentence Examples | Use Bestriding in a sentence on dynamic characteristics of a 125 style Bestriding motorcycle structure

2.the world-Bestriding hyperpower of ten years ago has lost its self-confidence and craves a chance to regroup.

3.and beijing, like detroit, is still wedded to a vision of three big national champions Bestriding the mainland even if they are sustained by the steady drip-drip of state aid. is the tower of ivory Bestriding real life. thus, it ought to guide the entire society with a value surpassing any mundane life.

5.the boy was Bestriding the fence.

6.there are three main reasons why chinese lenders are not Bestriding the globe.

7.the design research of a communication tower Bestriding on the tops of two main buildings

8.a Bestriding support and a fastening bolt are arranged on the bottom of a supporting rod of the generating power supply, and can be quickly mounted on a balcony parapet. order to realize the Bestriding between windows and linux in the process of programming, it needs introducing a component library cross platform ( clx) based on kylix.

10.the galaxy bridge Bestriding jing-shan railway

11.the sky is so blue, the qinghai-tibet railway is Bestriding , the snow lies on the roadside , while the streams is murmuring down .

12.russia is a country Bestriding europe and asia.

13.china is often known for Bestriding palaearctic and oriental biogeographic realm, but the precise pision east of qinling mountain is not specific all the while.