Bestowed Sentence Examples | Use Bestowed in a sentence

1.independence is won by the oppressed nations through struggle; it is not Bestowed as a favour.

2.the queen has Bestowed a knighthood on him.

3.the emperor Bestowed on her the title of imperial concubine of the highest rank.

4.she had the highest honors in the land Bestowed on her.

5.and she said she was thrilled to be Bestowed the honor in shanghai.

6.carefully, avram rabinovitz Bestowed the basket in the back seat.

7.the most ferocious creatures are disarmed by caresses Bestowed on their young.

8.several gifts were Bestowed on the royal visitors.

9.the king had friends on whom he Bestowed land and privileges.

10.the award, Bestowed in1922, cemented the story of mankind's status as a landmark in the field.

11.lavish gifts were Bestowed on the visitors. they are courteous to their guests.

12.the queen Bestowed a knighthood on him.

13.she could not have Bestowed her kindness on a more grateful subject.

14.i sincerely thank you for the favour you have Bestowed upon me.

15.i feel unworthy of the precious gift you have Bestowed on me.

16.the country Bestowed the highest medal on him.

17.lavish gifts were Bestowed on the visitors.

18.i am afraid of you, lest i have Bestowed upon you labour in vain.

19.he embraced her, solemnly commended her to heaven, and humbly thanked heaven for having Bestowed her on him.

20.i shall never forget all the favours you have Bestowed on me.

21.he Bestowed the highest honor on the man.

22.the trophy was Bestowed upon the winner.

23.what would they do if this child queen Bestowed it on them?

24.during his lifetime, he Bestowed many gifts upon the poor and disabled.

25.the boy looked at all with beg, he knew that she had no can give plume eat something Bestowed, but everyone also had no eating.

26.the country Bestowed its highest medal on the war hero.

27.the attention he Bestowed on me was beginning to annoy his wife. and it's part of my policy never to annoy wives.

28.the most wonderful gifts are about to be Bestowed upon you, and come with the rising up of your consciousness.

29.don't forget that, in our life god has already Bestowed the liberty to choose upon us!

30.and god has Bestowed his grace and spirit upon his people to strengthen them to stand against the power of the evil one.

31.your mind and your health are the most precious resources that have been Bestowed upon you. this word she Bestowed on her daughter a passionate kiss, which woke her. honour Bestowed on her by the king.

34.there was a small boy who had been given a little terrier for his very own, on which he Bestowed the name of paddy, and loved mightily.

35.we feel so overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness for the generosity you have Bestowed on our organization and children.

36.within four months, the police chiefs made her an honorary member of their tribe and Bestowed an arabic name on her meaning "wise woman" .

37.several fancy gifts were Bestowed on the distinguished guests.

38."we have been truly overwhelmed by the honour and respect being Bestowed upon him with this award, " his mother said. are a present Bestowed unto me by god.

40.and he has one matchless blessing, enjoyed by so many of you and not Bestowed on me, a happy home with his wife and children.