Bestowal Sentence Examples | Use Bestowal in a sentence you want to pursue Bestowal and appraisal further?

2.for me, that's a creative gift related to Bestowal that i'm struggling to bring about but don't succeed very well.

3.we've talked about vannoy on Bestowal and appraisal.

4.maybe through Bestowal, love came and are sent through appraisal.

5.nevertheless, that's the second way in which Bestowal can creatively discover appraise values that one might not have had, might not have recognized.

6.the delegation explained that a maximalist approach to intellectual property was leading to a Bestowal of property over ideas and facts, rather than inventions and creations.

7.from congenital Bestowal to acquisition: sixty years of new china, evolution of social mobility mechanism

8.on culpa in contraction liability of the donor in the Bestowal contract

9.he thought Bestowal could be reduced to appraisal.

10.she knelt to receive her father's blessing which represented a Bestowal of consent upon her forthcoming marriage.

11.that's the Bestowal of importance upon things that are past, which may have once had a meridian importance in terms of your feelings and emotions, but don't any more. right?

12.when a leaf becomes a lady or thought to be a highborn lady, is there more Bestowal? that on this question of appraisal and Bestowal.

14.a lot of it deals with appraisal and Bestowal. what i'm saying is that you can be loved through Bestowal, but there has to be some appraisal.

16.and fidelity indispensable prerequisites to the Bestowal of office

17.and it's at that point, that the appraise attitude can turn into a loving attitude because of the combination between Bestowal and appraisal.

18.before 1926, the main way for a daughter to get property from her father was her dowry or parent's Bestowal .

19.that merry stamping, that gracious nodding of the head, that waving Bestowal of the hand-where can we see them now?

20.but if you find that Bestowal happens, that there is Bestowal then it's a good relationship.

21.the years of ineffectual service count big in the Bestowal of rewards.

22.the main contents this paper discusses are that the obligation of attention only includes the obligation of the foresighted result, or the obligation of the avoidable result, or even the obligation of the Bestowal intention?

23.the christ you knew on the cross rose to reunite with his father in oneness after he completed his Bestowal.

24.sorting by experts, ratio of sorting sum and consultation of experts ( delphi) are the basic methods of Bestowal weights, and the Bestowal weight was recombined to eliminate the shortcomings of different Bestowal weight methods.

25.we carried out a comprehensive assessment in 11 departments with the component Bestowal weights combined with topsis analysis methods to explore the assessment method of whole nursing quality and to provide the objective and scientific evidence for the evaluation of nursing quality.

26.i mean, does Bestowal not come into playing a lot more than appraisal?

27.the studies on the Bestowal contract are only concerned on the dispute about whether it is acceptance contract or practice contract.

28.i just want to say that if you are with the best female, there's appraisal, and you're saying there's Bestowal, but what about the case when you end up with a female that's not the best?

29.calculation itinerary Bestowal accident fast , make switch fast placidity.

30.i know you try to say that everyone is capable of being loved, so that we can Bestowal love upon anyone as long as we are able to appraise the goodness that's within them.

31.the minor's property refers to the property that belongs to the minor's by the succession, labor and Bestowal.

32.he goes beyond it and renewed his-they'll be much more carefully and-i'm proud that i contributed to that& his view about Bestowal being reducible to appraisal.

33.i entirely agree that without appraisal there can be Bestowal, there can be love.